The Alliance has been approached by a major Sydney based newspaper in regards to any impacts that COVID-19 has had on the services that a Palmist (in particular) has experienced since Social Safe Distancing commenced.
It is recognised in the Fraternity that close contact and physical proximity is necessary for some readers and not so important for other experienced inspired service providers or sole traders as they are known. Because it varies according to the reader.
The newspaper is investigating what impact covid has had on their business and would like to discus the topic, in particular in regards to palmistry.
If you are interested in communicating with the newspaper, please let us know and your details will be passed on for them to contact you. Please include a short half page resume or history of your experience.

The Alliance would appreciate any information in regards to how you have been affected in the covid restrictions in how you provide your services or no longer do so until the restrictions are removed.

Kindest Regards, Stay Safe and Take Care,
Henry Zarth
Founder and Managing Director,
Australian Spiritual Alliance,
M – 0416 032 621



The world is currently experiencing CoronaVirus 19.  The Alliance is COVID Safe.
Australia has a number of community restrictions in place to deal with this Virus. These restrictions affect society in many ways and in particular how people interact and contact each other. And has had an impact on the spiritual fraternity as a whole. Some readers and healers have had to cease their activities all together, especially churches and groups. The Alliance is still operating and has a computerised membership management system, and still provides legal constitutional protection and insurance for members that operate regardless of what system of presentation they use. 
Always refer HERE to confirm current Membership Package Deals, Details, Fees, Terms and Conditions etc.

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Thank you and take care.