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New in 2012, the Australian Spiritual Alliance (ASA) is a non-profit organisation designed to support and promote the Australian spiritual community.

Many times when finding your way through a new and varied landscape we are often presented with confusion, treacherous outcrops and many paths which can end up leaving us lost.

The ASA is here to provide you, the spiritual seeker with information, valuable resources and a guiding hand to take the complexities out of forging a spiritual path with honesty, integrity and realism.

For the new spiritual seeker

Being at the beginning of any new spiritual journey is an extremely exciting time. Yet, the Australian Spiritual industry is currently not regulated and phrase “Buyer Beware” certainly does apply.  However, if you are looking for competent psychics and medium, reputable Natural Health pracitioners, a good Spiritual center or church, or even an experienced Paranormal investigator then visit our ever increasing professional membership list here…

For the professional practitioner

The ASA is here to support you in all of your endeavours.  We provide insurance, monthly business networking meetings while aiming to implement training and accreditation and much more while working together to develop public trust and confidence that will be supported by professional and reliable services from ASA members.

  • Psychic and Mediums
  • All modalities of Spiritual centers and groups
  • Natural Health and Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Spiritualist Churches and Spiritualist matters
  • Paranormal Research