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Alliance Inaugural Membership Fees – Introductory Offer. As from April 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. Membership will be managed via our Website - www.spiritual.org.au App. $ 5.00 a) Application Fee - Once only J $ 5.00 b) Junior - Proof of Age and Parent Consent. Over 12 under 18. C $ 15.00 c) Concession - Concession or Seniors Card, Committee Members V $ 15.00 d) Volunteer - unpaid Junior or Adult assistant A $ 25.00 e) Adult - unpaid assistant or supporter. N $ 40.00 f) NFP - Not For Profit Constitution B $ 65.00 g) Business - Membership is a Taxable Deduction (confirm with Tax Agent). 20% Discount h) Membership Subscription for 1 to 5 years 3 mths Free i) 20% Discount on Subscriptions and includes an extra 3 months free. j) Introductory Discount for whole of nominated Period of Membership. k) To obtain Members Insurance you must be Registered l) Insurance options - Public & Product Liability and Professional Indemnity. m) If you Register for Insurance, you will be contacted by the Secretary.

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Posted 17/03/2018 - 10:51am

Promo No.01 – What for? Sunday, April 1st, 2018 is scheduled to be our opening day for Membership. Age old question - What’s in it for You and Me. A short summary of my experience - From the time I commenced an Electrical Apprenticeship in 1963 with the then Sydney County Council I have had a number of leadership roles in National Service, Electrical Trades Union, Licenced Electrical Contractor, Masonic Lodge and Chapter, Scouts including District Commissioner, owner and company director, Business Development and Project Officer, founder of the Australian Spiritual Association in 1990 and finally retired in 2014 as Superintendent with 52 years service. In between all that and having a family of 4 I was also involved in the Spiritual Fraternity for over 40 years as a Healer, Reader and Organiser. The Alliance is much more than just something to do to keep my grey cells active and is not an Income Source being a Self Funded Retiree. [Before any rumours start]. So what’s in it for you ? The Australian Spiritual Fraternity consists mainly of a huge number of sole trader operators spread across the country providing a range of intuitive goods and services to the public. Each operator offers their skills to benefit the customer or client generally for an income. There are also groups that do so as Not For Profit. Whichever mode of operation is used there are numerous Laws that must be allowed for regardless of whether a Charge, Donation or Gift is requested and even when given for Free. Responsibility to provide a safe and good service is still the same. Are you aware of the range of Laws that impact directly on what you do? Such as Workplace Health and Safety, Australian Constitution, Consumer Protection, Therapeutic Goods, Taxation, Charity, Advertising, Quality Control, Self-Regulation, Health Complaints, Privacy, Child and Aged Care, Insurances and Business Protection to name but a few. Is there anyone that you can contact to keep you aware of these issues and help you deal with them? The Alliance will. Are you still required to advertise your services as “Entertainment” in spite of knowing that what you provide is not a Stage Act. The Alliance can overcome this. Membership and Insurance is designed to be extremely competitive and as with all the other services are for the sole benefit of the member. Most people consider House and Car Insurance as a necessity. The Alliance aims to provide a “One Stop Shop” for advice and assistance to support your activities and Income Stream whilst providing certainty into the future. The Alliance supports the ongoing use of Natural Therapies and Spiritual Research. The Alliance is a very unique organisation in that there is no other like it in Australia. The Alliance being Not For Profit means all profits stay for the benefit of members. In following Promos the focus will be Membership, Code of Conduct, Skills and Competency, Modalities, Safety, Quality and Self-Regulation, etc. All of which will be formalised in Policies issued by the Board of Management. We welcome you on board. We are all in this together.

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Posted 17/03/2018 - 12:12am
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