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1. New Membership and Insurance for the remaining period
    of the Financial Year ending on June 30, 2022. 

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3. COVID Information : –
Australian States are continually changing COVID-19 Health Directives
Some are permitting free movement across state boundaries and some are not.
This allows a lot of Spiritual Service Providers to consider restoring their services within a Covid Safety Plan for the venue you use in the State you are located.

It is absolutely necessary to protect yourself and the clients that you agree to see in person when not in lockdown. Make sure you prepare a Covid Safety Plan and have it registered. You ought to also prepare a Risk Management Plan to safeguard your interests and business. Insurance in these times is extremely important.

For the current COVID Information websites –
New South Wales
Australian Capital Territory
South Australia
Northern Territory
Western Australia
Federal Government

Kindest Regards, Stay Safe and Take Care,
Henry Zarth
Founder and Managing Director,
Australian Spiritual Alliance,
M – 0416 032 621