Psychics, Mediums, Healers and Natural Therapists
since 2018 are now able to class themselves as professionals
and no longer just entertainers or fortune tellers

Australia now has a National Body that can claim recognition and respectability in and for the benefit of the community.

The Australian Spiritual Alliance is new, very unique and the first Not-For-Profit transparent organisation that aims to facilitate and establish a national Intuitive Standards Administration, a network and umbrella organisation in and for the inspired in Australia.

The Alliance Constitution claims “Freedom to Practice” under the Australian Constitution s116.

Australian Businesses in the Fraternity can also attain this benefit and security by becoming members of the Alliance.

The Alliance enables all the community, media, legal and health professions to recognise, acknowledge and engage with a genuine certified professional provider.

The Alliance structure and constitution conforms with the Australian Constitution and High Court Rulings and is endorsed by SCB Legal, of Penrith, NSW. The Alliance has a Partnership Agreement with BMS Risk Solutions, our Insurance Broker being a local agent of Lloyds of London.
Both businesses offer a range of extra services at reduced rates and have a long term interest and support for the Alliance.

Ever since the First Fleet, the Intuitive Operator has had to deal with sceptics, fundamentalists and the legal system without having a support organisation to which they can belong and turn to for support, advice and legal protection, until now.

The Alliance has –

A – 4 main levels of Membership

1. Adult18 years and over
2. ConcessionPension, Senior, Health, Veteran, etc
3. Groupof 2 or more Adults
4. OrganisationGroups having a membership structure

B – 2 options of Insurance

1a. Professional Indemnity – Option 1$1,000,000, or
1b. Professional Indemnity – Option 2$5,000,000 with
2. Public and Product Liability$20,000,000, and
3. Additional Cover and extrasworldwide – except USA and Canada

Always check the website to confirm –
current Details, Fees, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Endorsements, etc.

For further information:

Facebook –                     Australian Spiritual Alliance
Email:                              info@spiritual.org.au
Contact:                         Henry Zarth
Phone:                            0416 032 621

Thank you.