How Meditation can enhance your life and connect you with Spirit.

One of the most important avenues to help with one’s Spiritual development is to learn how Meditation can enhance your life Plus for me this was the quickest link to spirit

Meditation for me was a no brainer once I started and learnt to let go as it were. For I have a head that just never stops, one thought after the other and another etc. Once I recognized that of course that is what the mind/ brain is designed to do, then I allowed myself to drift and return and allowed myself to gently come to my own understanding of my busy mind being slowly and gently helped to relax and let go, it was the allow bit I had the most trouble with. Being a person that certainly likes to be in control at all times. I am sure many of you can relate to that? Once the allowance came into play (through a very patient teacher, I might add)   I came to the discovery of  how meditation was enhancing my life through calming and relaxing not only my mind, but my  body and emotions were following suit and I was experiencing much clearer thinking. It helped me cope with the very busy physical, mental and emotional demands in my life in corporate management in the 80’s & 90’s.  Also during this period of time I began to notice how the practice of meditation seemed to increase my energy and concentration. I also found as I progressed with my meditation, I found my awareness was changing I can also say I was achieving an inner peace and stillness which was quite foreign to me.  From that point on I found that as my pattern of meditation became stronger, so did my understanding and awareness of Spirit also become clearer and more purposeful. I found I began to understand the inner me, my own intuition and natural understanding of many things. Therefore, encouraging me to follow my way guided by intuition and knowing. The other aspect of Meditating on a regular basis is the many health benefits enhanced by the act of meditating regularly. A big one for me was I was able to overcome some, well a lot really if I’m honest, of my stresses and work pressures,  in a peaceful and calming way allowing me to flow more freely through my daily life.

This of course over time led me to produce my own Guided Healing Meditations which I specifically designed to give all the benefits of meditation and plus the added benefit of dialogue designed to re-activate the self-healing process. I encourage the listener to allow the mind-body connection to perform as it was designed to, with health and wellbeing being the ultimate target.

There are many books on Meditation available all with many descriptions on many discipline’s and as individuals we will all choose that will bring us the most benefit for our needs. Most of us are looking to feel calmer in body and mind.  Meditation for me is helpful in releasing the stresses, relaxing my muscles, lets go of tenseness in the jaw, and between the shoulders etc. And brings about a sense of peace and balance in my being.  

You may like to try this little exercise:

Come sit with me 

 In times of trouble and uncertainty, come sit with me here on the rocks, close your eyes – yet keep the image forefront of your mind, and listen to the sound of the water, yes hear it, listen, now feel the spray of the waterfall as it seeps into your being cleansing, clearing and purifying every aspect of who you are. Bringing you to a state of peace and calm, thus bringing clarity to your being… Relax even further now – embrace the water the warmth of the sun on your back… let the energy of the water and the sun bring forward the strength and understanding in you. Stay with me as long as you wish… but know, when you are ready to continue your day. It will be with a renewed energy and perfection will be yours 😊 – Mandy Coles meditation facilitator. 24/1/22 copyright