Find a Connection to Yourself and to Others

I wrote this under guidance from my guides, helpers & Masters overseeing our group towards the end of a 42 wk  long Spiritual Ascension journey around 2012 and with what is going on in the world today this was brought right in my path today with insistence I needed to read and share. So here I am. I hope somewhere in these words you find a connection to yourself & to others. 

This is a journey that each must take, and it can only come into being when each one is ready and in the heart of pure unconditional love. Some of you are already in this aspect of resonance and others are close. It will need a little more diligence and with practice, pure love will be the reward – but not for the self, but for the people, for your work of service is to improve all levels of your being, so you in turn can be of greater assistance to the whole. For in the coming months, you will be called to service many times and you will respond with Love and a pure heart flowing with the directions given. For you are the hierarchy on the earth fulfilling your commitment to the higher spiritual power of higher realms, some may say heaven.

It is time to reawaken the sleeping spirit in each and every being that are willing to find their true purpose. You are the keys to that awakening. You will each be taken into unknown areas to you – yet you will respond with the positive resonance of love creating a balance of energy where required – bringing an opportunity of Peace and calm to follow. There are times you may feel that your presence will not make a difference – this is incorrect – for your attendance is an activation of Heart Love, core energy that will in turn effect the whole. Never doubt who you are – for you’re a being of light, here to serve the greater good for mankind and the planet earth which in turn brings balance to the Universal Core and Planetary Life forms.

Remember you are not of this world – you are in it, to fulfill a mission of service – for this we are grateful. Remember who you are…. A Spiritual being in a physical form bringing Love and Service to the whole.

Our Blessings to you all. Our Gratitude to you all, Our Love to you all.

Masters of the Spiritual Council – 2012 

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  1. Thank you Mandy for bringing that through, it’s a reminder to each of us to be who we are.

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