Physical Mediumship

I have the absolute honour and privilege of running a small circle, practicing psychic exercises, intuition development and physical mediumship. We’re a small, group of like-minded people who get together in Orange NSW and I’d love to share our story with you, just to show that any group of people can meet and contact those in the spirit world.

But what is Physical Mediumship? It is the use of physical means to determine the presence of spirit and by which spirit can reveal themselves. The SNU – Spiritualist National Union, in the UK define it as “manipulation of energies and energy systems by spirit”. This can be recognised by the:

  • Materialisation of objects, apports, ectoplasm, spirit bodies or spirit parts ie a – hand.
  • Perceptible manifestations such as knocking, noises, voices, manipulation of lights and in our case by moving flames.
  • Use of Ouija boards, séance tables, cabinets, trumpets
  • Channelling, trance mediumship, materialisation of spirit

We are a small group of 4-10 people who try to get together once a month (Covid19 willing) just for the purpose of spiritual friendship and development. I believe it is because we try to meet regularly, have built up an energy of good intent, make a real effort with exercises and personal growth to connect with spirit, that has reaped this reward.

At the end of an evening of meditation and exercises, from which the energy has strengthened, we gather around a small table, placed in the middle of the room, on which sits a tall cylindrical glass vase with a small candle inside it. There is no way we can influence the flame with our breath, a breeze or movement because the candle is totally protected from such.

With 1-2 fingers each, resting lightly on the table we invite spirit of family and friends to draw closer. We ask them to reveal themselves by directing the flame towards one person in the room for whom there is spirit family present – we wait as the candle flickers, then splutters and dances around till it is glowing still and strong – then it definitely bends towards one person. We all double check the direction amongst ourselves, thank spirit, then with our mediumship we bring through messages for that person that are always validated. We then say thank you and ask if another spirit wishes to come through and wait for the candle to bend again. We can get 1,2 up to 5 messages a night.

For us this is a true affirmation of spirit being present, the messages bring comfort, joy and hope in these difficult times. Hopefully this is something your group could do too.

For more information contact Sara King