Love has the power to create miracles….. To truly love unconditionally is to move through all obstacles of intolerance, bigotry and prejudice. To love is to feel another’s pain, not by suffering with them but knowing that by sharing their burden you may ease their pain.

Love has the power to transform….. A depth of true soul consciousness brings with it a glowing warmth of sharing and the ability to let ego withdraw. Love knows when to let a weary soul rest in the knowledge that the time will come for a renewal of energy and revitalization.

Love creates understanding….. When true understanding is present there is an equalization of all forms of disparity, aligning oneself with the issues of those around us with compassion and sensitivity.

Love listens….sees….feels….is kind….is warm….is giving….is gentle….is discipline….is fullness of heart….

Love knows no bounds………….


April 2008

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