Tuning into Auras

Written by Mitchell CoombesAustralia’s most trusted spiritual medium

We are made of energy. Much like light surrounds a candle flame or an invisible cloud of fragrance surrounds a flower, we each have an invisible field of energy. Known as the aura, this field is an extension of our body’s unique vibrations.

Auras just like rainbows can contain many colours. But unlike a rainbow, the colours in our aura change and layer themselves from moment to moment depending on our moods, emotions, attitudes and the beliefs we hold deep within.

Sensing auras

Whenever we come into contact with another person we feel their energy; we sense their aura. We often naturally feel the aura of others without evening realising that we are doing it. Have you ever sat next to a stranger on a crowded bus, train or plane and instantly liked or disliked them? You sensed their energy – their aura. Begin to pay attention to the feelings and phrases you use to describe others. For example phrases like ‘they seem a little blue today’ or ‘their always green with envy’, or ‘gee doesn’t so and so just light up the room’ can all be subtle clues about what you are picking up when it comes to sensing auras.

Seeing auras

A simple and effective way to begin seeing auras is to do the following. Put the palms of your hands together and hold them over a large sheet of white paper. Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. Now relax your eyes and look just beyond your fingertips until you begin to see a faint hazy outline around your fingers and hand begin to form. It is possible you may also see a colour beginning to form such as a soft blue, yellow or green. The key with this exercise is to keep your eyes relaxed – the more you strain your eyes, the more difficult it will be to see subtle energy. This exercise will have immediate results for some while others may need to practice overtime for tangible results.

Mitchell Coombes is Australia’s most trusted spiritual medium and the bestselling author of Signs from Spirit. He has a weekly column in Woman’s Day & is well known from his regular appearances on Sunrise & The Morning Show. Visit www.mitchellcoombes.com for more.

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