Reprinted with permission from Florence King, from ‘A heart full of spirit’.

Mediumship is not a matter of bringing a spirit through necessarily. It is more being skilled enough to recognise the spiritual activity around a person that already exists. The spirit world does not wait for a medium to show up, they are already following their loved ones in the living, not us the mediums. As a medium, do not believe that you are automatically entitled to access spirit. It has to be earned. Trust and respect, must be shown and proven. Keep expectations open. Never compromise your principles and the only opinion you should care or be worried about, is that of spirit. It is a spectacular honour to be allowed to witness spirit in action, so do not abuse the privilege. Stay focused, eager to know more and hungry to learn. 

Anyone can link into spirit, but it takes a lot of hard work to perfect it. The reason that it is possible to be taught how to connect with spirit, is because each and every one of us, have someone waiting in spirit who would like to know and communicate with us. As long as you can think and feel, you can talk to spirit and feel their responses. We can all do it, just like we all have a singing voice, the exception being that some are more skilled than others. Distinguishing the difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship one, will develop with practice. You will recognise when someone from spirit is near, wanting you to connect them with their loved one here on Earth. It actually is very easy because spirit does all the work for you. All you have to practice is listening, understanding and getting the bonds between your guides as strong and as clear as you possibly can, because they are the ones that will protect you at all times.

…The harder you work, the more you should see, learn and personally grow and that is the beauty of the journey. If you would like to see Florence doing platform mediumship, she has a matinee and evening show coming up at Ingleburn RSL on 25th February. Florence King – Psychic Medium – Ingleburn RSL

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