Platforming, through the eyes of a medium

by Benjamin Graham

As a spiritual medium, the term ‘platform’ is where you would have an audience of people sitting and watching a medium perform live readings. I’m going to talk about the mechanics of doing a platform with what I’m sensing, seeing and the emotions I’m feeling as I work on behalf of spirit.


It starts once I’m booked in to perform, even if the show is in a month’s time, the ball is rolling, the link has started, the spirit world knows. It’s like a contract has been signed between spirit and myself to allow me to work alongside them. Family and friends in the spirit world already know their loved ones will be in attendance.

My team of spirit guides, family and friends in the spirit world know I will be working and begin to gather around me, preparing me for the event. Sometimes spirit will visit me leading up to the day of the platform, to see what kind of person I am and to make sure they can trust me as a medium. I acknowledge these visits, understanding it will be their loved ones to whom I will be delivering messages to. I am already building a spiritual link and a connection with an audience I am yet to see.

The day of the readings

The day I’m up early to shower and whilst the water runs over me, I let everything go that does not serve me, such as worry, insecurities, and negative thoughts. I’m cleanse myself and finish with a prayer to my spiritual team, thanking them for the day ahead of readings.

Gratitude goes a long way, as I know, the spirit world is always listening.

I try to stay busy on the day of the platform, whether I am working or doing things around my home and focus on keeping my thoughts positive.

I arrive at the venue as close to performance time as possible, avoiding the audience respectfully as they have a tendency to speak of loved ones who have passed over and this can sometimes hinder the authenticity of the messages they are about to receive.

Before I am introduced to the audience, I say a prayer to all the loved ones in the spirit world. I invite them in to use me as a vessel and a voice, asking them to trust that I am going to work on their behalf with honesty and love.

The connection

I start by greeting the audience, looking around whilst I feel the energy of all who have attended. I sit in the moment just breathing, using all my senses to feel a loved one come through. With my mind open to see and feel who I am drawn too. Once I know who I will be delivering messages to, I make the connection with spirit, letting the audience member know I am coming to them, with information about themselves or a loved one in the spirit world. I allow my mind to relay giving the spirit the opportunity to show me how they feel, asking them for the information they want me to convey. I’m trusting spirit with all my heart, letting go of control which I have achieved through building a loving trusting relationship with my guides. Letting go of control is a must when working with spirit as it allows the authentic message to flow without me getting in the way. As the reading goes on l am feeling the emotions or the spirit, interpreting what I’m feeling and seeing as honestly as possible to the receiver of the messages. Often I may not understand the message but I’m aware the information does not belong to me, delivering as it comes through with complete confidence that the spirit and my guides know that the receiver of the message will understand. My personality will come into play as the reading progresses, as I address my to man element for the audience. I do not have any super powers, I have learned to listen with an open heart and mind shifting my awareness to the spirit world.

The message

As I’m linking into the person the information starts to come through and strengthens as I convey the message. The loved one in the spirit world will give me information that only the person they are connected to will understand. This is known as validation to confirm I am linked with their loved one. The stronger the link the clearer the evidence which comes with a strong relationship and experience. The more you trust in the process, the easier your mind can understand, relate and translate the messages. My own life experiences will assist as I can be shown memories from my past to help build the link and translate the information to the receiver. Every spirit will be different as sometimes the same memory could have a different meaning. But with the right training and an understanding of mediumship skills along with a firm trusting relationship with spirit, the more you mind will recognise the truth within the information giving an authentic reading to the recipient.

The Client

I am always working on spirits behalf and no other, doing my best to convey the message as accurately as possible. If the information I convey is not understood by the receiver, I ask spirit to show me again to make sure I am with their loved one so I can translate the message more clearly. I will never give up on the spirit that has come forward and if the information keeps coming I know I am with the right person.

At times the messages I convey can be met with firm responses of ‘No’ by the recipient. This can be for reasons of my translation and understanding or the recipient not remembering or feeling the authenticity of the information I am conveying. If this occurs I will always persist and ask spirit to provide clearer or further information to get the message across. Spirit and my guides are well aware of my persistent and will provide what I ask as they know I will never give up on them. Within this struggle once a piece of information becomes clear to the recipient the previous information gains relevance and the reading will flow.

It’s not just about survival evidence or validation, it’s confirming with the recipient and the audience that there is life after death and those that have passed over are around them.

For myself, as a medium, this is the most important thing that I do.

Personal reflection

Once the platform has finished, I always say a big thankyou to express my gratitude to the spirits of the loved ones, the spiritual helpers and my own spirit guides for allowing me to work on their behalf. I never try to break down any readings after the show as I know I have done my best on the day. Occasionally in the coming days after a platform performance, my spirit guides will show me things, giving me an opportunity to reflect on information to help improve my delivery and translation. My spirit guides always show me where I can improve in a positive way knowing I will take it on board as a means to sharpen my mediumship skills. Every medium tunes in their abilities differently but, this is the way I work. I do believe everyone can be a psychic medium with a daily discipline of relationship building, training and commitment. It’s like any relationship. You get to know your guides by conversing with them daily to build a binding relationship of trust and honesty. Don’t be afraid to let your guides know that you don’t understand, feeling uncertain or like myself are a slow learner. As long as the trust is there your guides will never let you down. There are times where I feel stagnant and I’m not getting anywhere and this process can be daunting. But by continuing to trust, show gratitude and the process of hard work, the time you give to the spirit world will be well worth the rewards you receive.


  1. May I just ѕay what a comfort to uncоver a person that gеnuinely understands what thеy’re ԁiѕcussing online.
    You definitely understand how to bring a prοblem to light and make it important.
    More and more people need to look at this and ᥙnderstand thiѕ side of your story.
    I was surprised that you’re not more popular given that
    you most ceгtaіnly have the gift.

  2. What a refreshng and accurate account of mediumship. The article is well written, Benjamin. Thank you for your insight.

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