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It’s funny how misinformation or miscommunication can actually have more meaning than you realize, albeit decades later. I was a medical scientist for twenty years, specializing in sleep and respiratory medicine. A school friend used to introduce me to her friends and family and say my occupation was a Dream Interpreter. She did a similar thing when introducing her sister, as she just seemed unable to get our vocations right. Our corrections made no difference to her! Funnily enough, her sister is now working in that career, and I am a professional psychic medium, who does in fact do, dream interpretation.

Dream interpretation manifests in two different ways during my readings. I am either asked directly to interpret a dream, or it comes to me during the reading. Either way, I get strong validations on the messages of dream interpretation I receive.

Dreaming is believed to occur during REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. We cycle between non-REM sleep stages and REM stages of sleep. Unlike the other stages of sleep, in REM we have eye movement and cerebral blood flow that is more like wakefulness. The central nervous system develops during REM in babies and infants. This is known as Active Sleep, where you often see twitching. This suggests that our brain is very active during REM. At a World Sleep conference, I attended in Iceland in 2002, a presenter described REM as the time when the brain sorts out what it needs and doesn’t need. He used the analogy to a mail sorting system, where old mail is kept or thrown out and new mail is sorted. The other mail is put in the correct slots, depending on whether it needs to be opened straight away or sorted out later. So, REM is important for memory.

The saying ‘sleep on it’ implies that we resolve our problems during sleep. I can certainly relate.  I often feel better about a situation after a good night’s sleep. Thanks to the efforts of the Sleep Health Foundation and Australasian Sleep Association, there was a Parliamentary report in 2019 into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia. In the twenty years I worked in sleep medicine, there was increased awareness of sleep health, sleep medicine and the importance of sleep in our daily lives. Let’s hope the recommendations of the report help raise more awareness of sleep medicine in the community. It was World Sleep day on 17 March.

I have not seen any literature on what happens to us spiritually when we sleep. We all know that we are more receptive to receiving spiritual messages when we are relaxed and not in our analytical headspace. I have read books on spirituality, suggesting that we daydream or meditate for one minute of the day, every day. Many people report visits from passed loved ones when they are very relaxed or asleep. I will go out on a limb and say that we are more receptive to receiving spiritual information during REM sleep. We have muscle atonia during REM, so we do not get up and physically act out our dreams. That combined with our increased cerebral blood flow during REM, would allow us to receive and understand the spiritual information we receive.

If you are a psychic medium and do not do dream interpretation, I suggest you try it. Start with interpreting your own dreams, or those of friends. I’ll give you a few examples of mine to start:

Example 1

I did a reading for a teenage boy at a busy spiritual festival. He was in his last year of school and was quite anxious about choosing the correct career. His parents had a lot to say about this and were putting a lot of pressure on him to be financially independent.  He had a recurring dream where he sat at the table with his family, but his father’s face and voice were replaced with his grandfather’s. He found this very upsetting and thought his father was going to die because his grandfather had passed. He missed his grandfather terribly and was very close to him.

I interpreted this dream through mediumship, as his grandfather was present before he sat down. His message was a bit cryptic for me, but I relayed it as he said, and it made sense to the sitter. He understood the ages and the metaphors given and was more confident pursuing his career choice with his grandfather’s blessing. I was given psychic information about the father’s legal issue and who could help him with that. That in turn would help alleviate the parent’s anxiety.

Example 2

A lady requested a psychic phone reading because she was having a recurring dream and did not understand it. In the dream, a woman was rubbing her lower back and stroking her hair. She felt very comfortable with this woman but did not know who it was, because she never saw her face. I recognized this as her mother and confirmed it was her by the way she passed, and the way she communicated with her daughter.

I interpreted the dream through medical intuition and mediumship. The first message was to check her kidney function with her GP. It turned out that she had childhood issues with her kidneys and her mum rubbed her back for her in bed. The second was to locate her mother’s missing watch. I did this by remote viewing in her house, based on her mother’s instructions from mediumship. The watch had a particular meaning to her.

Example 3

This was a dream I had myself about ten years ago, shortly after I moved to Sydney. I woke up repetitively one night and felt that someone was in my flat. I felt frightened and was convinced that someone was sitting on the couch. Rather than waking my husband, I woke up and turned all the lights on and saw no one had broken in and no one was on the couch. The doors and windows were all locked. Rather than being frightened by the couch, I felt the need to sit there, and I felt a tremendous amount of love when I did. The next day I kept thinking about my Beagle, Oscar, who was in Melbourne with mum. Oscar often sat on the couch next to me. I then realized that Oscar had passed that night, and it was his way of saying goodbye and making sure I was ok. I saw Beagles for weeks after that, each one reminding me that Oscar was okay.

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