Soul Connections

By Carolyn Drinkwater

If you’ve ever experienced a life-changing soul connection, you may be left reeling. After an initial period of connection, rapport and intensity one of you has bolted and the other is left scratching their head asking, “What on Earth just happened?”

As you go about your life trying to act like a normal person, trying to move forward from what you’ve just experienced, the realisation will hit you at some point: that life will never be the same again and that you will need to learn to adapt to your new existence.

Unsurprisingly, soul connections are a major pathway into spiritual awakening as you know beyond a doubt that you have known that person before, but not in this life. For those who had previously held an ultra-rationalist, materialist view of the world this can be quite a rude awakening. Even for those of us who were spiritually open, the level of energetic symptoms and metaphysical experiences can often be overwhelming, making it difficult to get on with daily life.

Which is exactly the point.

Soul connections come into our lives at a point where our soul (not ego) is ready for some serious change and expansion. They crack our hearts open, unleashing a flood of stored, repressed emotion and, through that crisis, we start to question every aspect of our lives. We see first-hand the pain caused by the runner in the connection choosing to live inauthentically and, after a time of anger and blame, we look within at parts of our lives in which we were doing the same.

At that point, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to continue following the life script as dictated by our culture and time and will need to start making some shifts in your inner and outer world to get closer and closer to becoming the person you were born to be.

Soul connections are a true caterpillar to butterfly experience.

To dive further into this topic, please check out my three-part video series on YouTube:

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