The Ride II

by Ron Holzwarth

Editor’s note: This is Chapter 2 of a story written by Ron Holzwarth, describing a dream he had. Hailing from Germany, Ron is an engineer, who has studied quantum mechanics and has a background in technical writing. He also has extensive experience with the paranormal. Ron’s focus now is spirituality, and I can relate to this, originally hailing from a scientific career. I thoroughly enjoyed The Ride and discovered new concepts when I read it again, with different meanings.

Chapter Two

The rest of the story has to do with how the whole cult of the Ride began. What you just read was a human being’s account, and as he admitted, he did not understand the Ride at all.

I will have to take over for him and try to explain it to you. But be forewarned; the explanation will be complex, and involve a lot of background information. The Ride is a lot more complicated than it looks!

Your recollections of the Ride will always be garbled because of physical and biological inadequacies. No part of the Ride is of any significance or has any meaning for you. Humans do not understand it, and almost always get it all wrong – both while they are on it and in their descriptions later. Only the seat belt saves many on what should be a simple ride. Of course, if it was what it should be, there would be very few riders.

I am serving aboard a mission ship on a timewave, as opposed to your timeline. Since we are not usually part of your timeline, as far as you are now concerned, we do not exist.

The mission ship I am aboard is not really possible to describe in terms you could understand. Suffice it to say that there are several of us aboard, and we are equipped with everything necessary to carry out our missions among the living planets located in the area to which we have been assigned.

The Ride is an example of what can go wrong when direct intersections occur – a small bit of carelessness on our part has caused much grief and misunderstandings to many. As far as we can determine, attempting to correct our error now by retrieving the pieces that make the Ride possible would only make the situation worse.

The Ride exists only because of a worthless toy we unwisely allowed an Earth resident to take back home with him last time we passed by and took plots of your planet and its environment. I want to let you know about it, so you will not be trapped by that silly Ride, as so many others have been.

Our main mission is to plot all of the living planets with as much of the timeline past, present, and future as we can reach. We are able to view anything on the planet after the plots are taken, animals, mountains, rivers, but the only thing of interest is the living, conscious residents.

For plotting missions to make observations (which can later be viewed as holograms) of the timeline universe, the ship needs to step to a point near the planet to be plotted, and hold a constant position relative to it. Then much smaller craft are dispatched from the ship to, over, and through the planet, covering all your future and past times and locations within reach and not already plotted.

The craft sent from the mission ship for plotting purposes need to be close to in phase with the matterwave, and must also be relatively near physically for imaging to be possible. It is necessary to be a little more out of phase with the matterwave in order to travel through or image large quantities of the heavier elements.

If we are out of phase with the matterwave, that is, intersecting the timeline during the quantum time steps, essentially we are in a different universe. Then, since there are no timewave/timeline intersections, no observations are possible.

Sometimes plotting craft imaging the living planets are accidentally spotted by the residents. But we are there for just a few timeline intersections, leaving nothing behind except descriptions that are taken seriously only by the observer.

Your timeline is at the highest possible timewave frequency, at the quantum time step level where physical matter exists. We can move right through your entire physical universe, if we are out of phase with your quantum matterwave. This is because matter essentially ceases to exist during quantum time steps, which are all very close to in phase when in close proximity.

Thus the quantum time steps sweep along as a matterwave. The complete passage of a matterwave past a particular point corresponds to and defines the fundamental unit of linear time. It is a universal constant from the timeline perspective. However from the timewave viewpoint, it is anything but that. But this does not affect you at all. Matterwaves constantly pass through the linear timeline universe, otherwise your time would never pass.

Since the infinitesimally small quantum time step obviously cannot be observed from the timeline, these principles can never be demonstrated to the point of proof for anyone on the timeline. What you refer to as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle permanently veils all of this from you.

We are able to incite a matterwave ahead of the ship which begins a wave large enough for us to pass through. This allows us to travel great distances, since as we pass physical matter does not exist (this is during quantum time steps), and thus poses no collision problems as we travel. The ship’s speed, of course, needs to be equal to the matterwave speed for this to happen, but since our speed (relative to your universe) and matterwave generation are independent and both well under control, there is nothing to it at all. Distance poses no problems of its own, since during quantum time steps, the matter based concepts such as gravity, inertia and speed limitations due to electromagnetic wave (light) speed have no meaning.

From our vantage point this alters your timeline speed, as you receive many more matterwave steps from the ship excitation. This in no way changes anything in your universe, except for slight gravitational perturbations.

From your vantage point, we are the ones experiencing altered timeline speed, in a sense “freezing in time” as we travel. Your time then passes much more quickly from our point of view. Your Theory of Relativity is an explanation of a somewhat similar phenomena, but its applicability is confined to the matter based timeline universe.

A possible problem is that, if a living planet shows great potential, travel too far away from it, followed by a return, can result in too many timesteps having occurred on the planet to take continuous plots. So, if great promise is shown on a living planet, we have to stay nearby.

After collecting plots of all the living planets within the area to which we have been assigned, we pass on all of the information we have gathered to those on lower frequency timewaves. They are able to use the information for more useful purposes than we, and can also pass the plots on to even lower frequency timewaves. They are then accessible by all the mission ships. We can not do much more than plot and view aboard the mission ship, but since we are closer to the frequency of your linear matter based universe, it is easier for us to take plots from our closer level.

All we are actually doing for the most part is gathering information that will be used by those on lower frequency timewaves to help those who will not be taken up immediately after their residency on a living planet ends. Otherwise, it is possible for them to wander off into the void of space and become lost.

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