How to feel into crystals

The fastest and the most balanced way to accept stone energy into your body is to hold the stone with your fingertips using both hands. This way the energy flows equally into your core from both sides at the same time. Your fingertips are the body’s energy straws. The energy goes into your fingers, through your arms, then into your body and right into your spirit core. You can still feel the energy from the crystal and get its benefits from holding it or wearing it in other ways or even having it near you but holding it like this is the quickest way to feel its energy. 

Take a nice, natural, mostly full deep breath. Relax and let it go. Don’t try to feel anything but wait to feel something. Stay relaxed and let the stone energy flow into you. If you aren’t relaxed and are using your own energy strongly to try and feel into the stone, worrying and getting frustrated you can’t feel it, you will block the stone energy with your own hands and energy. That’s why you need to relax as much as you can. To allow the stone energy to flow in without blocking it instead.

If you are new to this you may not know what to expect or what you are meant to be feeling, if you are even feeling anything at all, or you may think you feel something but don’t know if it’s from the crystal or something else. This is very common and can sometimes take a while to decipher the different feelings you may get. You will get better and more confident with it over time. The more you practise the easier it will become.  

Stay relaxed, you may notice small feelings almost like emotions, you may notice you feel calmer or have higher energy. You may feel like you have a clearer mind or even different parts of your brain or other body parts being activated. You may also feel heat or tingling in certain parts of your body, or even energy moving around your body or brain. There are many things to take notice of while feeling into crystals. Take note of any small changes you feel at all, even if you are not sure if it’s the crystal. These will usually be the signs and feelings you’re looking out for while learning to feel crystal energy.  

There are many types of crystals, and they all benefit the body and mind in different ways and can be used for different things. They are great to assist you in learning how to use your metaphysical abilities. Some will be great for the brain or activate the pineal and other parts of the mind and body, while others great for spiritual and emotional healing, personal strength and protection, depression and anxiety, emanation – meditation, clarity, seeing metaphysically, and so much more.

Choose your favourite crystal or even one you have handy and give it a try. You can also carry the crystal on you for a few days to get a feel of the crystal, then swap it up and change crystals every few days to feel the difference between them. Crystal necklaces with crystals all the way around work great also as it distributes the energy evenly around your body. I like to wear bracelets and necklaces to hold the crystals close to my body. The macrame net necklaces are handy as you can swap tumble stones easily to wear your preference for the day. 

Have some fun with your crystals and experience feeling into them. Enjoy your magical journey of finding your true self.

Stephanie Sedgwick
Stifwix Metaphysical

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