Mediumship – what makes a reading good?

Reprinted with permission of Donna Young; ‘Providing evidence about where your information is coming from is very important, as it helps you to gain the trust of your sitter. Hard evidence of a loved one that the sitter trusted while they were alive opens the door for the sitter to receive your messages with an open heart and mind. It is much easier for people to trust information if they know where it’s coming from.

I have had good and bad mediumship readings as a sitter. The good readings established a clear connection, with evidence, when I provided little or no information about the person(s) in spirit. I had a beautiful reading from Donna recently, which is why I was drawn to this quote from her book ‘Spirit Club Mediumship Uncovered’. Donna connected with past loved ones in spirit and provided evidence and answers regarding things on my mind. There was no fishing for information, as there was no need. The information flowed as there was a clear connection from the start of the reading.

As a reader, I always aim to provide evidence of survival of the soul. How this will manifest is quite different for every sitter. This used to bother me, as I initially approached mediumship with my analytical brain and tried to have a fixed formula for every reading. That is, what is your name? What is your connection to the sitter? Are you male or female? I even considered which Clair I was using! Fortunately, the more readings I did, the more I just let it flow and developed an ability to trust the information coming to me. I am simply the channel for receiving the information.  

A good mediumship reading provides evidence, particularly in relation to the personality of the person and specifics in that information is relayed that would make sense to the sitter. I often hear “he would say that to me” or “I’m not surprised they were not happy about that” from the sitter. I personally try not to focus too much on the medical issues or the passing of the person, as I would rather use that as one piece of evidence, and then move on. Similarly, I try not to focus on the appearance of the person. Let’s face it, most of us have insecurities about our own appearance, so why would this be any different for someone in spirit?

It is important to realize that even though you may have known the past loved one for decades, or most of your life, you do not know everything about the person. Once I have obtained evidence in a mediumship reading and gained the confidence of the sitter, I ask for something quirky or interesting about the person. Although this is sometimes unknown by the sitter, I ask for this information to be delivered in a way that the sitter would understand.

Donna highlights factors affecting how quickly a new medium develops, including how open an individual is in their beliefs. I agree completely. It is important to find your own way of working with spirit, whilst not comparing yourself to others and allowing yourself to trust what works for you. Mediumship is constantly evolving; well, it is for me anyway. I have learned many things about myself and my soul purpose. Rhonda Kelly

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