Membership and Insurance

Last updated Aug 10, 2019

New Membership and Insurance till July 1, 2020, is available.
Payments can be made by Credit or Debit Card, etc using Stripe.
Members are recommended to “Print & Save” their Tax Invoice / Receipt.

The Member Management Program only requires a tick for the Options for Membership and Insurance, then “Add to Cart” and proceed with the process.

MEMBERSHIP – there are 4 categories of Membership according to your situation.
Membership Certificates will be available soon.

INSURANCEthere are two options of insurance cover according to your requirements.
Insurance Certificates are issued by our Broker and will be available soon.

Our Insurance Program as Partners with BMS Risk Solutions, an Australian Insurance Broker with Lloyds of London as Underwriters, is endorsed by our Legal Sponsor, SCB Legal of Penrith, NSW.

Members having Insurance with a different broker and wishing to transfer, can easily be accommodated with a seamless process. Please contact the Alliance for arrangements

The Alliance now offers a ProRata System for New Membership with or without Insurance,
from the date of purchase in the Quarter period till the following June 30, at which time the Membership and Insurance becomes synchronised with the Alliance Financial Year and then renewal covers the full following 12 months. The Discount is automatically factored into the Membership Management Program Fee Structure according to the date of application.

The Prorata System in the Financial Year being divided into 4 quarters of 3 months each.
. 1st Quarter, July to September, no Discount;

. 2nd Quarter, October to December, 10% Discount;
. 3rd Quarter, January to March, 20% Discount;
. 4th Quarter, April to June, 30% Discount.

Should you have any questions or problems, please Contact Us or ring Henry on 0416 032 621

Thank you.