Australian Spiritual Alliance

The Alliance is a new and very unique Not For Profit organisation that aims to be a National Network for genuine, spiritual, inspired and natural health care providers and will instigate initial and ongoing advocacy, advice, support, services, benefits and insurance.
Because of its Constitution, the Alliance can claim legal “Freedom to Practice” under the Australian Constitution s116 and s109. No Business in the Australian Fraternity has or can provide the range of benefits that Alliance members enjoy.
The process to gain this Freedom begins with Membership together with Alliance $20M Public Liability Insurance Cover through our Broker, Aon Risk Solutions. Then by submitting details of the range of Modalities / Services / Activities that the member offers, the Alliance processes the information and issues a Certificate of Service. The Alliance considers it unnecessary that members with a Certificate of Service still require any Professional Indemnity Insurance.
Mediums and Psychics, etc. as Alliance members are no longer merely Entertainers or Fortune Tellers. The Alliance enables the community, media, legal and medical professions to recognise the genuine operator.
The Australian Spiritual Alliance was legally endorsed by SCB Legal on August 27, 2018, is based in Penrith, NSW and available to all spiritual and allied modalities in the health and esoteric industry throughout Australia.
The Alliance is the result of experience gained by being involved in the Australian Spiritual Fraternity since the 1980’s. Ever since the First Fleet the Intuitive Operator has had to deal with sceptics and fundamentalists without having a support organisation to which they can all belong without prejudice.
The Alliance is specifically focused on the many genuine Inspired and Intuitive Activities, Facilitators, Practitioners of Spiritual Healing, Readers, Psychics, Mediums, Reiki, Clairvoyants, Psychometrists, the Afterlife, Remote Viewers, Natural Therapies, Complimentary, Traditional and Indigenous Medicine, Paranormal and Metaphysical Investigators, Researchers, Aromatherapy, Crystal and Energy Healing, Yoga, etc. etc. that trade their modalities either as a retail outlet, centre, group, organisation or sole trader operating for a fee or free of charge – as a Business or Not For Profit.
Adults, Groups and Organisations having an intuitive interest or an associated activity may join.
Concession rates apply for Pensioners, Seniors, Disabled and Health Care Card Holders.
Our Fees include a discount on Membership Subscriptions should you join after July 1 in any year.
Membership and Insurance is synchronised to our Financial Year, July 1 to June 30.
For further information please refer to our website main menu.