Australian Spiritual Alliance

The Australian Spiritual Alliance (Alliance) was established to support and advocate for all genuine inspired operatives in any listed modality of intuitive service and the provision of associated goods within the Australian Spiritual Fraternity for the benefit of the community..

The Alliance encourages and supports the field of Energy Healing and Natural Health Therapies including Complimentary and Traditional Medicine and Allied Health Services as a complete package for the benefit of achieving and maintaining natural good holistic health and long term wellness.

The Alliance supports a spiritual philosophy as a way of life to nurture and blend the Mind, Body and Spirit into a perfect holistic balance and harmony.

“We will not impose our way of life but we will shine for others to follow”

To create an Alliance of intuitive people, groups and businesses that wish to be involved in the Science and Philosophy of being and living a spiritually inspired life filled with purpose and values.

The Alliance has a focus on Safety, Quality and Competency to provide for the future security of the provision of Intuitive Goods and Services to build public trust and confidence in these Products.
This is all designed to support the genuine intuitive service provider and does not interfere with membership of any other organisation or group.

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