By Lady Sammy

Editor’s note:
I find that many people are affected by the full moon. Decades ago, when I worked shift work, I was always more careful driving at night when there was a full moon because I thought people behaved more erratically on the roads. Now I look at this from a spiritual perspective. Any crystal lover will tell you what the full moon means to them. Women appear to be more affected by the full moon than men. This article is in two parts. The first is an extract from The Power & Mystery of Menstruation by Lady Sammy from The Rock Store in Toronto, Canada. The second is Tinka’s experience in a Full Moon Women’s Circle.

The moon was considered feminine as it contributed to the growth and reproduction that sustains all life on the Earth. This recognition led many to associate the Moon with Goddess energy, overseeing the Earth as the bringer of all life.

The moon is dark and mysterious and only shows its face when sunlight is reflected upon it. Darkness is the place where all things begin. Within the womb, the egg, and the Earth, darkness exists as the starting places of creation. Unfortunately, our current age has created negative images of the dark associating it with witches, demons, and other negative thoughts. Night is also no longer night as we disguise it with artificial lights that reach deep into space. No wonder our Divine Feminine is lacking in our current state. Our Earth is crying to be heard. There is an urge now in these shifting times to resurface the recognition of the moon and offer attention to the Dark Goddess within all of us and to our connection to the Earth.

As children of this Earth and bodily comprised of almost all water, we too are affected emotionally, physically, and spiritually by the power of the moon. We experience more injuries and emotions during full moons and less at New Moons. In karmic thought it is believed to be a great time to release karma during Full moons and manifest desires and goals during new moons because of the gravitation pull heightened when the moon is full. Females share the Goddess likeness in having the ability to create within our own wombs, and experience the lunar cycle through menses, our menstruation.

Written on 7 May 2023:

By Tinka Bel Boczek

Tonight’s full moon women’s circle got together to release, ground, heal, embrace, and hold space for one another.

My second women’s circle in a row for the full moon. This one was different. I was ready for it… I really was. I had been working on new boundaries, healing, and being strong in my knowledge that I am worthy of the love I wish to find.

The dancing is one of my favourite parts. A tribal song was played tonight, and I imagined I was in the bush, barefoot, long skirt dancing in the mud while it started to rain. I wanted to get low… And I did as much as the body would let me 🤣🤣🤣 I felt home, at peace, powerful, and deep sense of being grounded.

Then the meditation time🙏💜 I asked if I could take two flowers from the circle to meditate with. I also brought myself an Amethyst double terminated piece. As I laid on my back, I had the crystal on my heart Chakra and a flower in each hand. The images and messages I received were beautiful and clear, the feeling of letting go and the freedom that came with it. The sound bath healing was icing on the cake. I could feel the vibration through the floor, and it is playing like surround sound in my head. Different notes would ping back the way they hit gave a new sound dimension in my head. Like a disco in my head of lights and sounds. It was cleansing and refreshing.

Thank you to Jasmine Julie for providing a space where women of all ages, backgrounds, cultures can come together and hold space for these beautiful women as we support each other on our healing journey. I have so much gratitude tonight…. I needed to do something outside of myself to do things that nourish me.

Gratitude is an ATTITUDE! Embrace the person that you are.

You are amazing!

Tinka Bel

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What is Tasseography?

Tasseography is a fortune telling method reading the residue of a liquid drink. The residue leaves shapes or patterns that can be read in a psychic reading. This may be tea leaves, coffee grounds or even wine sediments.

There is speculation about the history of tasseography, probably because it occurred in different places in different ways. There were wax and lead readings in medieval Europe. It also appeared to be performed by the wise women in villages. Coffee readings are more likely to have been performed in the Middle East and Turkey. Tea drinking is different in different countries and tea bags are often used now.

On a personal note, I once paid for a tea leaf reading and I found it very strange. It was very brief, and nothing resonated with me, at the time nor later. Looking back, I believe that the reader did not resonate with me. I found the methodology interesting. 

If I was to use tasseography as a psychic tool, I would tune into the energy of the residue in the cup that I was reading. There are practical limitations in that you would need power, a kettle and tea or coffee. 

I did a Tasseography vlog on my Rhonda Teaches playlist of my YouTube channel Rhonda’s Readings. See: (2) Vlog 36: Rhonda Teaches – How to do coffee readings – YouTube I gave 3 examples of reading coffee cups. I gave my psychic interpretation, and others. I had contributions from my Facebook posts ‘What’s in today’s coffee cup? My Facebook posts gained a lot of attention, as people enjoyed trying to read my coffee cup.

As a psychic medium, I like to try different modalities, such as Tasseography. When I read a tea or coffee cup, or anything with liquid residue, I receive messages by Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. It may be different from you. It is important not to compare yourself to others and to just trust the information that you receive.

Rhonda Kelly 

International Psychic Medium

Why do we hurt each other, even those we love?

Because we judge them. When we judge – we project our wound onto the other person. We judge because it helps us alleviate some of the burden of our suppressed wounds. Eg if we have hidden buried shame, we will look for someone we can judge as shameful. If we carry generational guilt, we will look for and find people who we can blame in any way as guilty. If we have been trapped in fear – we will project that, and if we carry grief, we will throw our hidden broken heart at others causing them to suffer too. When we judge someone, we literally get a big pile of our worst buried shite and throw it at them until they feel that very emotion. They are then burdened with it and usually throw it at someone else then too. We all walk around like shite helicopters spraying our crap out in constant judgment over each other and dumping it into other people, our kids, our planet, and the world collective. There could be the most well-balanced brilliant loving person in the world standing in front of us and we will try with all our psyche to find a reason to project those buried wounds onto them and make them take it.

That projection alleviates a bit of that giant wound for a little while. We feel better after judging others for a bit and off we skip until that wound is triggered again and starts banging on the conscious door asking for our healing.

When we judge we feel justified and vindicated and the ego feels back in control by its clever method of judging others now it’s not as vulnerable to feeling our wounds. But of course, it doesn’t last, it just disconnects us from our inner child and from our burdened heart even more.

By doing shadow work, wound awareness, & inner child work (as hard and painful as that is) we are able to see our own wounds, reconnect compassion (instead of judgment) to our abandoned inner child, hold space for those wounds, and release the fear of the pain of them.

No one likes doing that shadow wound work. It sux more than anything and hurts like hell. But digging up our buried skeletons actually let us out of the prison created by the fear of those wounds and then we stop manifesting them in our life.

Shadow and inner child work is the ONLY way to regain conscious control over your life. Otherwise, your life is being manifested and piloted by an abandoned, blind, angry, sad, scared, subconscious infant who is begging for you to take over the remote control to the reality TV unfolding your life in front of you.

So instead of trying to throw these deep painful wounds at others to avoid accepting them in yourself – commit to this essential phase of enlightenment. There are so many ways to do this work, and many fabulous practitioners and programs out there. Find a lead and take it – back towards your heart’s true state and hold that pain in unconditional love, until you don’t judge & fear it anymore.

The great Earth division is here.
The great Earth decision is here.
The choice for healing is in your own hands.

Nell Archer

The Psychic Channel

Canberra Psychic Centre

Mediumship – what makes a reading good?

Reprinted with permission of Donna Young; ‘Providing evidence about where your information is coming from is very important, as it helps you to gain the trust of your sitter. Hard evidence of a loved one that the sitter trusted while they were alive opens the door for the sitter to receive your messages with an open heart and mind. It is much easier for people to trust information if they know where it’s coming from.

I have had good and bad mediumship readings as a sitter. The good readings established a clear connection, with evidence, when I provided little or no information about the person(s) in spirit. I had a beautiful reading from Donna recently, which is why I was drawn to this quote from her book ‘Spirit Club Mediumship Uncovered’. Donna connected with past loved ones in spirit and provided evidence and answers regarding things on my mind. There was no fishing for information, as there was no need. The information flowed as there was a clear connection from the start of the reading.

As a reader, I always aim to provide evidence of survival of the soul. How this will manifest is quite different for every sitter. This used to bother me, as I initially approached mediumship with my analytical brain and tried to have a fixed formula for every reading. That is, what is your name? What is your connection to the sitter? Are you male or female? I even considered which Clair I was using! Fortunately, the more readings I did, the more I just let it flow and developed an ability to trust the information coming to me. I am simply the channel for receiving the information.  

A good mediumship reading provides evidence, particularly in relation to the personality of the person and specifics in that information is relayed that would make sense to the sitter. I often hear “he would say that to me” or “I’m not surprised they were not happy about that” from the sitter. I personally try not to focus too much on the medical issues or the passing of the person, as I would rather use that as one piece of evidence, and then move on. Similarly, I try not to focus on the appearance of the person. Let’s face it, most of us have insecurities about our own appearance, so why would this be any different for someone in spirit?

It is important to realize that even though you may have known the past loved one for decades, or most of your life, you do not know everything about the person. Once I have obtained evidence in a mediumship reading and gained the confidence of the sitter, I ask for something quirky or interesting about the person. Although this is sometimes unknown by the sitter, I ask for this information to be delivered in a way that the sitter would understand.

Donna highlights factors affecting how quickly a new medium develops, including how open an individual is in their beliefs. I agree completely. It is important to find your own way of working with spirit, whilst not comparing yourself to others and allowing yourself to trust what works for you. Mediumship is constantly evolving; well, it is for me anyway. I have learned many things about myself and my soul purpose. Rhonda Kelly

How to feel into crystals

The fastest and the most balanced way to accept stone energy into your body is to hold the stone with your fingertips using both hands. This way the energy flows equally into your core from both sides at the same time. Your fingertips are the body’s energy straws. The energy goes into your fingers, through your arms, then into your body and right into your spirit core. You can still feel the energy from the crystal and get its benefits from holding it or wearing it in other ways or even having it near you but holding it like this is the quickest way to feel its energy. 

Take a nice, natural, mostly full deep breath. Relax and let it go. Don’t try to feel anything but wait to feel something. Stay relaxed and let the stone energy flow into you. If you aren’t relaxed and are using your own energy strongly to try and feel into the stone, worrying and getting frustrated you can’t feel it, you will block the stone energy with your own hands and energy. That’s why you need to relax as much as you can. To allow the stone energy to flow in without blocking it instead.

If you are new to this you may not know what to expect or what you are meant to be feeling, if you are even feeling anything at all, or you may think you feel something but don’t know if it’s from the crystal or something else. This is very common and can sometimes take a while to decipher the different feelings you may get. You will get better and more confident with it over time. The more you practise the easier it will become.  

Stay relaxed, you may notice small feelings almost like emotions, you may notice you feel calmer or have higher energy. You may feel like you have a clearer mind or even different parts of your brain or other body parts being activated. You may also feel heat or tingling in certain parts of your body, or even energy moving around your body or brain. There are many things to take notice of while feeling into crystals. Take note of any small changes you feel at all, even if you are not sure if it’s the crystal. These will usually be the signs and feelings you’re looking out for while learning to feel crystal energy.  

There are many types of crystals, and they all benefit the body and mind in different ways and can be used for different things. They are great to assist you in learning how to use your metaphysical abilities. Some will be great for the brain or activate the pineal and other parts of the mind and body, while others great for spiritual and emotional healing, personal strength and protection, depression and anxiety, emanation – meditation, clarity, seeing metaphysically, and so much more.

Choose your favourite crystal or even one you have handy and give it a try. You can also carry the crystal on you for a few days to get a feel of the crystal, then swap it up and change crystals every few days to feel the difference between them. Crystal necklaces with crystals all the way around work great also as it distributes the energy evenly around your body. I like to wear bracelets and necklaces to hold the crystals close to my body. The macrame net necklaces are handy as you can swap tumble stones easily to wear your preference for the day. 

Have some fun with your crystals and experience feeling into them. Enjoy your magical journey of finding your true self.

Stephanie Sedgwick
Stifwix Metaphysical

The Ride III

Editor’s note: This is Chapter 3 of a story written by Ron Holzwarth, describing a dream he had. Hailing from Germany, Ron is an engineer, who has studied quantum mechanics and has a background in technical writing. He also has extensive experience with the paranormal. Ron’s focus now is spirituality and I can relate to this, originally hailing from a scientific career. I thoroughly enjoyed The Ride and discovered new concepts when I read it again, with different meanings.

Chapter Three

The story of the Ride began soon after we had stepped to a position near Earth after plotting another planet. In the early part of our plotting cycle, a plotting craft imaged a somewhat bullet shaped metal pod. It was imaged during the reverse cycle of our timewave oscillation, that is, in your past.

The pod was near the apex of its trajectory, and its altitude would surely ensure complete destruction upon descent. Since it was far outside Earth’s space travel time segment, we assumed that it was a weapon of war. The study of the resident’s use of war weapons is obviously very important, so the pod was pulled aboard for close physical examination, without anyone viewing the complete plot first to determine exactly what it was.

After the pod was pulled into the loading bay, a hatch opened and a human emerged – a man in an outrageous Buck Rogers “spacesuit”! With the first few words he uttered, we could comprehend his thoughts completely – he and a large team of humans had been unduly influenced by a popular science fiction writer, who had postulated that a great cannon could shoot a “spacecraft” not only into space, but possibly all the way to the moon. He even gave complete, but unworkable, directions.

More or less following these directions, the “spaceman” had just been shot up in a huge cannon about 1870 AD Earth time or so, I don’t know how he survived the takeoff. Somehow he was cushioned by breaking boards and rushing water. The takeoff was dangerous enough – but the more than risky part of the endeavor was that there was no workable recovery system. Just some little wings that could be extended from inside the “spacecraft”. One can always find a human to take on a hopeless and doomed to failure mission. Some humans are just like that.

Once we had the “spaceman” aboard, it was obvious that his one overriding concern was that he wanted to go to the moon. So I showed him the Earth’s moon on the holographic projector, from a distance, and then a little closer. From where we stood in the ship, looking through the holographic projector’s large circular viewing window, there is no perceptual difference between looking at the holographic projection and actually being there, or traveling towards it. Especially for us, since we are used to traveling without the inertial forces of acceleration. But, you can’t touch anything, or take anything from it. You can look inside and see its internal composition if you want, but it is not of much interest. There is nothing there, the Earth’s moon is a dead stone and always will be.

Of course, the holographic projector was not installed just to look at the moon. Any location and time point that has been plotted by any mission ship can be viewed. The library is very large, it includes the complete history of all the living planets and the celestial bodies surrounding them.

He kept asking “Is that the moon?” Of course it was, but what he was actually wanting to know was if that was really the moon, and if we were really going there. He couldn’t comprehend the difference. I tried to show him the projector controls, and how we zoomed in and went for a closer view. He thought that meant we were physically moving towards it, which we were not and would not. Besides, since we were out of phase with it at the time, it did not actually exist anyway.

I thought briefly of the joke I could pull on him. I could have showed him an approach to the “moon” with a landing there, then switch to a planet where the residents are actually green. Then show him great volcanic eruptions and continental upheavals, then maybe galactic collisions. But I quickly repudiated the thought – with thoughts like that I will be on a mission ship forever. So, I let him believe that we were only aboard an enormous spaceship visiting the “moon”.

And he couldn’t understand a word we said. I tried to tell him, yes, just believe it, it is just like that. He thought that we were actually going to the moon, not just looking at a holographic projection of it. But what would have been the point of trying to explain it all to him? This was someone from 1870 AD! We could have told him that it was a picture of the moon, as he was familiar with daguerreotype photography, but he never would have believed that. After all, he was seeing the “moon” with his own eyes as we (he thought) skimmed along the surface of it as I operated the projector, and searched unsuccessfully for anything interesting. It was only on a very crude letter by letter basis that we could get him to understand anything at all, so any explanation was not possible. Like I said, just believe it, that is the moon.

It was frustrating because whenever he tried to express his thoughts verbally, we could always comprehend his thoughts exactly. But he just could not get any substantially correct meaning out of anything we tried to tell him. The reason is that we communicate with complete thoughts, and not in strings of smaller ideas to be strung together and then connected (rarely completely and accurately) in the listener’s mind, as you do.

The “spaceman” soon had difficulties because the rubber coated fabric used for the “spacesuit” developed splits during the blast upward, and very little movement by the “spaceman” resulted in more cracks appearing. Not very good protection from the rigors of outer space – which of course were unknown in the “spaceman’s” time. It did not mean anything to us, but he was constantly thinking about how the only garment he had to wear was falling apart. He had a problem with it even though he was actually within his body (we left it in the loading bay) only during the timewave/timeline intersections.

So we were faced with a repair problem for his “spacesuit”. We carry a small stock of linear physical items, and we did have a roll of duct tape. So we taped it back together for him as needed.

Exactly what the “spaceman” believed us to be was something we were never sure of. He was able to perceive us and most things aboard the ship as he was dragged along on our timewave, but he understood very little and, we knew, would later have only fragmentary and disjointed memories of the experience after returning to the linear state.

While aboard the ship, he had no memories of anything prior to being pulled aboard, except during the timewave/timeline intersections, although things he had learned at the higher levels of consciousness were retained and always accessible. The entire time he was aboard, we had to keep a close watch on him during every intersection, as at that time he could remember that he had an identity from before, and that everything around him made absolutely no sense now. His reactions to that were not good. Usually he thought he had died. Considering the capabilities of his “spacecraft”, that was a very realistic conclusion.

Except during the intersections, he was not bad company. Like a curious house pet, a cat or something like that, he often wandered around looking at everything without understanding, but fortunately with a terrible fear of touching anything. So we didn’t mind having him around, and of course he gave us some close up perspectives on human behavior. Of course, these were limited to this one individual, we were not deluded about that. I mean, who would agree to be blasted up into space using a cannon for no more reward than to be the first to try?

After the “spaceman” had “been to” the “moon” and spent a few days checking it all out, he learned that the moon is nothing of any real interest. We were then faced with an entertainment problem for him, as we would not be able to return him to his timeline state for some time. We had already concluded that we would show him nothing other than the surface of the “moon”, as this situation was obviously well out of control already. We did not want to risk him taking any more memories back, it was not worthwhile to take on even more difficulties that way. Other than the plots, we had absolutely nothing to show him or entertain him with that did not require enormous explanations, which he would never be able to comprehend anyway.

Once he wandered past my space and saw my chess set. Although it was extremely different than any chess set he had ever seen before, he knew immediately what it was. It was a nice holographic set which appeared quite ordinary when viewed from a distance, as the pieces then sat on the chessboard, in an ordinary way. That is, you saw only the external shell of each chess piece, which was about two inches across, and made of a sturdy glossy material similar in appearance to very finely carved and polished stone, each placed on an ordinary black and white chess board.

Like most chess sets, one side was white, and the other side black. The holographic projection and communication equipment is inside the pieces, out of view. So, as long as you are out of playing distance, you see only the control centers, big warships, little rockets, and other pieces sometimes used to represent the kings, queens, bishops, etc. But when you move to within playing distance from the board, each piece projects a moving holographic image that illustrates its possible moves.

When you are close to the pieces, the projected holographic images appear almost life size and very real, although only in black and white. A relatively small movement away from the piece results in the image assuming a smaller size, making it appear as though it is much farther away. Thus the perspective of an actual battlefield is shown, as the distant pieces appear smaller, mimicking the visual appearance of great distances across the chess board. Each chess piece is always stepping through each possible move sequentially. You are right in the middle of the chess “battlefield”, which is all in action, with your choice of image sets. With a small movement, you can view the action from anywhere else in the fray.

The “spaceman” was an avid chess player, and seemed to be able to happily spend all his time playing the game. And we could keep him busy – knowing his thoughts (whenever he spoke, which was often enough) would have made winning the game very easy. But that is not what we did. We chose the move that resulted in the most interest in him. This was usually the one he was afraid we would make, or hoped we would make. So he won sometimes, and he considered the games to be the most interesting ones he had ever played. However, he did consider it odd that after he made a move, whichever one of us happened to pass by reached down and immediately made the other side’s move, seemingly without thinking about it at all.

There were four moving holographic image sets installed in the chess set – dinosaurs, classic chess (with medieval images), an image set depicting WW II, and the starship war game. The images only change for amusement – the rules of chess remain the same for each, it is only a chess set.

The medieval images were the only ones the “spaceman” could understand. He was enthralled with the medieval pieces, as kings, queens, bishops, etc. were quite familiar to him, but not as black and white life size moving images that were short something of reality.

For example, the rooks are medieval looking stone fortresses, with heavy cannons. The holographic image of the fortress not only acts out its move up and down the board until blocked by another piece, but fires the cannons as well when it returns to its original position. Cannonballs are seen to fly by, colliding with the piece or pieces allowed to be taken with that move. There is no sound generated, as sound is a linear timeline phenomena which we have no use for.

The “spaceman” played with only the medieval set. Someone showed him the dinosaur set, and it is still a standing joke aboard the ship to shout “Terrible lizards! Terrible lizards!” to clear the way when you are running an errand in a big hurry. He just stared at the images, after he quit running away from them. So, we left it in the medieval image set for him, and did not show him the other two image sets.

The chess set would also image mechanistic war machine pieces and some historical figures loosely patterned after your World War II experience. The white king then projects King George, and the black side projects King Adolf and Queen Eva. The knights are warplanes, as they can jump over the other pieces, and the rooks are imaged as the tanks used during that conflict. The pawns are infantrymen.

The starship set images small planets for the pieces to land on, control bases, small robots for pawns, and warring spaceships of varying capabilities, all of which cross the void of space to another planet or moon for their moves. This is the image set which resembles the external shell of the chess pieces, and which, when it was new, warranted an outrageous price.

The void is actually just a representation of the transition between the squares of the chess board. It is only a black holographic curtain projection which creates an illusion of the blackness of space, with pinpricks of light which indicate the direction of the planets or moons upon which pieces are located.

Since identifying the pieces positioned on other planets across the void is not possible with this image set, it is necessary to move to another viewing position, where other pieces are visible, to ascertain their identity and exact location. It is the most complex of the four, while the others are just a chess game with different images, the starship image set visually mimics interplanetary travel, with only chessboard size movements. This image set presents the greatest challenges, since from any viewing position, at most one of the pieces is identifiable. All the others appear only as distant stars in the vastness of space. Intense concentration is necessary in order to play well.

To switch among the holographic image sets, you press a button on King George and the pieces will then all switch to another image set. Of course it is only a game, and an old one now.

It was necessary to keep the “spaceman” aboard the ship for about a month (our time) before his timeline and our phase, matterwave, and location coordinates were all close enough to return him and his “spacecraft” to his original timeline location.

We were then faced with a dilemma. If we returned the “spacecraft” and the “spaceman” back to Earth intact, there was no doubt that the residents would just shoot someone else up with the cannon. And, after experiencing the safety of the ship, we could not just let the “spaceman” die on his original timeline path, as retuning him to the position we found him in would be intentionally killing him, which of course we could not do.

The “spaceman” knew something was going on when he noticed that his “spacecraft” was no longer in the loading bay. When the coordinates were right, we had placed the “spacecraft” back upon its original trajectory, opened the little wings that served as an imaginary recovery system, and it was then falling back to Earth. Everything was exactly as though we had never touched it, except that the “spaceman” was no longer aboard.

Then he realized that he was going home soon – although we were not near enough to a timewave/timeline intersection for him to remember exactly what home was most of the time, he was looking forward to it. It would be a new adventure.

We all gathered about for a farewell in the loading bay, knowing that this was a never to be repeated event.

At the last moment the “spaceman” asked one of my shipmates for the chess set, as he wanted to take it home with him. Knowing that the thing was quite worthless, my shipmate handed it to him without thought or foresight, along with his goodbye. It was then that I noticed how very glittery white and glossy black the two sides of the chess set were. Somehow, all the time I had owned it, I had never noticed that before. Anyway, it was no great loss to me personally, if I wanted another I could get a much better one now. Besides, I hardly ever play chess, and that was the only thing that set could be used for.

After he received the chess set, we directed the “spaceman” into one of the plotting craft, and he was embarking upon his six second journey to the “spacecraft’s” crash site.

So the “spaceman” got to travel for a while, as his consciousness experienced about a month while being dragged along on our timewave. But when we returned the “spacecraft” to Earth only the normal amount of linear time for that flight’s trajectory had passed.

After the larger pieces of the “spacecraft” had settled, we placed the “spaceman” within the wreckage, still clutching his precious chess set. We also gave him enough bruises, scrapes, and minor cuts to cause serious pain without permanent injury so that the experience would not be taken lightly. No one who saw the aftermath doubted that a miracle had occurred – the “spaceman” was still alive after the horrible crash! And so, the residents had proof positive that the cannon method of space travel is definitely unworkable.

After the crash, the “spaceman” didn’t understand at all what had happened, or how he had managed to survive. But he did have some fragmentary memories of having “been to” the “moon” while aboard something amazing beyond description, which might have been considered hallucinatory, but he had an incredible chess set to prove it.

Today the pieces are quite scattered, and the set is not operating correctly any more. So, without looking at the plots, I do not know what images the individual pieces are projecting now.

Allowing the “spaceman” to take the chess set back to Earth – even inadvertently – was a terrible mistake. Because of its projections into oscillating time, almost all humans on the timeline in viewing position experience a serious confusion or total memory loss. This is because the set projects its images into an oscillating timewave – going forwards and back in time – and the human consciousness will tend to follow any new thing that is presented to it.

Therefore your consciousness will follow the images. Although you can see them, and perceive the piece movements as your reality (against a background of nothing), you will not be able to remember it later, or, while observing it, remember any of your prior experiences, except possibly during the timeline/timewave intersections. At this point some linear memories are available. Also at this time, a “freeze frame” effect from the holographic moving image pieces can sometimes be stored into linear memories.

For some individuals the pieces do not image well, as some persons cannot easily leave linear consciousness. Since these people are not captivated by the pieces, they experience the images as not much more than a briefly glimpsed series of still flashes as the projected holographic image intersects the linear timeline. These are the only people who are able to pick up and arrange the pieces without falling into total confusion.

So memories of the images are a mess for everyone, and understood by no one.

Thus, persons in viewing position live entirely alone, and without a past, except in flashes. Their universe is empty except for one or more life size moving chess images. They could be any of the chess pieces, and any one of the four image sets – the dinosaurs, medieval pieces, World War II weapons and individuals, or maybe the starship war game.

There is no way to determine how much perceived time passes for a person on the Ride. It depends upon the train speed going past the pieces, how many pieces this huckster has set up, and whether you perceive them all at once, or are captivated by the pieces sequentially – in which case you will have very little memory of the pieces already seen, and you start all over again with each piece. In any case, it is surely an extremely long time. Fortunately, very little biological time is wasted, as the normal number of quantum time steps take place as far as your body is concerned.

We would have taken a different course of action if we had examined the “spacecraft” before pulling it aboard! After we returned the “spaceman” to Earth he began this belief thing and centuries later little old ladies and other curious people are riding small railway trains with a few of the chess pieces arranged about it, and some are finding great meaning in the experience. Some have to go again and again until they learn that there are only a limited number of chess moves.

After moving away from the pieces, the most humans can remember from the experience is small fragments that make little sense. Everyone saw something but every one remembers something different. That is why so many myths and legends have been built up about the Ride.

It is not even a game, since only a few of the pieces are used and they are not ever moved after the setup for the next circus. Look at the images once if you absolutely have to, and that is all there is to the experience of the Ride. Then head on up the midway.

the end (of the story)

The Ride II

by Ron Holzwarth

Editor’s note: This is Chapter 2 of a story written by Ron Holzwarth, describing a dream he had. Hailing from Germany, Ron is an engineer, who has studied quantum mechanics and has a background in technical writing. He also has extensive experience with the paranormal. Ron’s focus now is spirituality, and I can relate to this, originally hailing from a scientific career. I thoroughly enjoyed The Ride and discovered new concepts when I read it again, with different meanings.

Chapter Two

The rest of the story has to do with how the whole cult of the Ride began. What you just read was a human being’s account, and as he admitted, he did not understand the Ride at all.

I will have to take over for him and try to explain it to you. But be forewarned; the explanation will be complex, and involve a lot of background information. The Ride is a lot more complicated than it looks!

Your recollections of the Ride will always be garbled because of physical and biological inadequacies. No part of the Ride is of any significance or has any meaning for you. Humans do not understand it, and almost always get it all wrong – both while they are on it and in their descriptions later. Only the seat belt saves many on what should be a simple ride. Of course, if it was what it should be, there would be very few riders.

I am serving aboard a mission ship on a timewave, as opposed to your timeline. Since we are not usually part of your timeline, as far as you are now concerned, we do not exist.

The mission ship I am aboard is not really possible to describe in terms you could understand. Suffice it to say that there are several of us aboard, and we are equipped with everything necessary to carry out our missions among the living planets located in the area to which we have been assigned.

The Ride is an example of what can go wrong when direct intersections occur – a small bit of carelessness on our part has caused much grief and misunderstandings to many. As far as we can determine, attempting to correct our error now by retrieving the pieces that make the Ride possible would only make the situation worse.

The Ride exists only because of a worthless toy we unwisely allowed an Earth resident to take back home with him last time we passed by and took plots of your planet and its environment. I want to let you know about it, so you will not be trapped by that silly Ride, as so many others have been.

Our main mission is to plot all of the living planets with as much of the timeline past, present, and future as we can reach. We are able to view anything on the planet after the plots are taken, animals, mountains, rivers, but the only thing of interest is the living, conscious residents.

For plotting missions to make observations (which can later be viewed as holograms) of the timeline universe, the ship needs to step to a point near the planet to be plotted, and hold a constant position relative to it. Then much smaller craft are dispatched from the ship to, over, and through the planet, covering all your future and past times and locations within reach and not already plotted.

The craft sent from the mission ship for plotting purposes need to be close to in phase with the matterwave, and must also be relatively near physically for imaging to be possible. It is necessary to be a little more out of phase with the matterwave in order to travel through or image large quantities of the heavier elements.

If we are out of phase with the matterwave, that is, intersecting the timeline during the quantum time steps, essentially we are in a different universe. Then, since there are no timewave/timeline intersections, no observations are possible.

Sometimes plotting craft imaging the living planets are accidentally spotted by the residents. But we are there for just a few timeline intersections, leaving nothing behind except descriptions that are taken seriously only by the observer.

Your timeline is at the highest possible timewave frequency, at the quantum time step level where physical matter exists. We can move right through your entire physical universe, if we are out of phase with your quantum matterwave. This is because matter essentially ceases to exist during quantum time steps, which are all very close to in phase when in close proximity.

Thus the quantum time steps sweep along as a matterwave. The complete passage of a matterwave past a particular point corresponds to and defines the fundamental unit of linear time. It is a universal constant from the timeline perspective. However from the timewave viewpoint, it is anything but that. But this does not affect you at all. Matterwaves constantly pass through the linear timeline universe, otherwise your time would never pass.

Since the infinitesimally small quantum time step obviously cannot be observed from the timeline, these principles can never be demonstrated to the point of proof for anyone on the timeline. What you refer to as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle permanently veils all of this from you.

We are able to incite a matterwave ahead of the ship which begins a wave large enough for us to pass through. This allows us to travel great distances, since as we pass physical matter does not exist (this is during quantum time steps), and thus poses no collision problems as we travel. The ship’s speed, of course, needs to be equal to the matterwave speed for this to happen, but since our speed (relative to your universe) and matterwave generation are independent and both well under control, there is nothing to it at all. Distance poses no problems of its own, since during quantum time steps, the matter based concepts such as gravity, inertia and speed limitations due to electromagnetic wave (light) speed have no meaning.

From our vantage point this alters your timeline speed, as you receive many more matterwave steps from the ship excitation. This in no way changes anything in your universe, except for slight gravitational perturbations.

From your vantage point, we are the ones experiencing altered timeline speed, in a sense “freezing in time” as we travel. Your time then passes much more quickly from our point of view. Your Theory of Relativity is an explanation of a somewhat similar phenomena, but its applicability is confined to the matter based timeline universe.

A possible problem is that, if a living planet shows great potential, travel too far away from it, followed by a return, can result in too many timesteps having occurred on the planet to take continuous plots. So, if great promise is shown on a living planet, we have to stay nearby.

After collecting plots of all the living planets within the area to which we have been assigned, we pass on all of the information we have gathered to those on lower frequency timewaves. They are able to use the information for more useful purposes than we, and can also pass the plots on to even lower frequency timewaves. They are then accessible by all the mission ships. We can not do much more than plot and view aboard the mission ship, but since we are closer to the frequency of your linear matter based universe, it is easier for us to take plots from our closer level.

All we are actually doing for the most part is gathering information that will be used by those on lower frequency timewaves to help those who will not be taken up immediately after their residency on a living planet ends. Otherwise, it is possible for them to wander off into the void of space and become lost.

Dream Interpretation

It’s funny how misinformation or miscommunication can actually have more meaning than you realize, albeit decades later. I was a medical scientist for twenty years, specializing in sleep and respiratory medicine. A school friend used to introduce me to her friends and family and say my occupation was a Dream Interpreter. She did a similar thing when introducing her sister, as she just seemed unable to get our vocations right. Our corrections made no difference to her! Funnily enough, her sister is now working in that career, and I am a professional psychic medium, who does in fact do, dream interpretation.

Dream interpretation manifests in two different ways during my readings. I am either asked directly to interpret a dream, or it comes to me during the reading. Either way, I get strong validations on the messages of dream interpretation I receive.

Dreaming is believed to occur during REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. We cycle between non-REM sleep stages and REM stages of sleep. Unlike the other stages of sleep, in REM we have eye movement and cerebral blood flow that is more like wakefulness. The central nervous system develops during REM in babies and infants. This is known as Active Sleep, where you often see twitching. This suggests that our brain is very active during REM. At a World Sleep conference, I attended in Iceland in 2002, a presenter described REM as the time when the brain sorts out what it needs and doesn’t need. He used the analogy to a mail sorting system, where old mail is kept or thrown out and new mail is sorted. The other mail is put in the correct slots, depending on whether it needs to be opened straight away or sorted out later. So, REM is important for memory.

The saying ‘sleep on it’ implies that we resolve our problems during sleep. I can certainly relate.  I often feel better about a situation after a good night’s sleep. Thanks to the efforts of the Sleep Health Foundation and Australasian Sleep Association, there was a Parliamentary report in 2019 into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia. In the twenty years I worked in sleep medicine, there was increased awareness of sleep health, sleep medicine and the importance of sleep in our daily lives. Let’s hope the recommendations of the report help raise more awareness of sleep medicine in the community. It was World Sleep day on 17 March.

I have not seen any literature on what happens to us spiritually when we sleep. We all know that we are more receptive to receiving spiritual messages when we are relaxed and not in our analytical headspace. I have read books on spirituality, suggesting that we daydream or meditate for one minute of the day, every day. Many people report visits from passed loved ones when they are very relaxed or asleep. I will go out on a limb and say that we are more receptive to receiving spiritual information during REM sleep. We have muscle atonia during REM, so we do not get up and physically act out our dreams. That combined with our increased cerebral blood flow during REM, would allow us to receive and understand the spiritual information we receive.

If you are a psychic medium and do not do dream interpretation, I suggest you try it. Start with interpreting your own dreams, or those of friends. I’ll give you a few examples of mine to start:

Example 1

I did a reading for a teenage boy at a busy spiritual festival. He was in his last year of school and was quite anxious about choosing the correct career. His parents had a lot to say about this and were putting a lot of pressure on him to be financially independent.  He had a recurring dream where he sat at the table with his family, but his father’s face and voice were replaced with his grandfather’s. He found this very upsetting and thought his father was going to die because his grandfather had passed. He missed his grandfather terribly and was very close to him.

I interpreted this dream through mediumship, as his grandfather was present before he sat down. His message was a bit cryptic for me, but I relayed it as he said, and it made sense to the sitter. He understood the ages and the metaphors given and was more confident pursuing his career choice with his grandfather’s blessing. I was given psychic information about the father’s legal issue and who could help him with that. That in turn would help alleviate the parent’s anxiety.

Example 2

A lady requested a psychic phone reading because she was having a recurring dream and did not understand it. In the dream, a woman was rubbing her lower back and stroking her hair. She felt very comfortable with this woman but did not know who it was, because she never saw her face. I recognized this as her mother and confirmed it was her by the way she passed, and the way she communicated with her daughter.

I interpreted the dream through medical intuition and mediumship. The first message was to check her kidney function with her GP. It turned out that she had childhood issues with her kidneys and her mum rubbed her back for her in bed. The second was to locate her mother’s missing watch. I did this by remote viewing in her house, based on her mother’s instructions from mediumship. The watch had a particular meaning to her.

Example 3

This was a dream I had myself about ten years ago, shortly after I moved to Sydney. I woke up repetitively one night and felt that someone was in my flat. I felt frightened and was convinced that someone was sitting on the couch. Rather than waking my husband, I woke up and turned all the lights on and saw no one had broken in and no one was on the couch. The doors and windows were all locked. Rather than being frightened by the couch, I felt the need to sit there, and I felt a tremendous amount of love when I did. The next day I kept thinking about my Beagle, Oscar, who was in Melbourne with mum. Oscar often sat on the couch next to me. I then realized that Oscar had passed that night, and it was his way of saying goodbye and making sure I was ok. I saw Beagles for weeks after that, each one reminding me that Oscar was okay.

Soul Connections

By Carolyn Drinkwater

If you’ve ever experienced a life-changing soul connection, you may be left reeling. After an initial period of connection, rapport and intensity one of you has bolted and the other is left scratching their head asking, “What on Earth just happened?”

As you go about your life trying to act like a normal person, trying to move forward from what you’ve just experienced, the realisation will hit you at some point: that life will never be the same again and that you will need to learn to adapt to your new existence.

Unsurprisingly, soul connections are a major pathway into spiritual awakening as you know beyond a doubt that you have known that person before, but not in this life. For those who had previously held an ultra-rationalist, materialist view of the world this can be quite a rude awakening. Even for those of us who were spiritually open, the level of energetic symptoms and metaphysical experiences can often be overwhelming, making it difficult to get on with daily life.

Which is exactly the point.

Soul connections come into our lives at a point where our soul (not ego) is ready for some serious change and expansion. They crack our hearts open, unleashing a flood of stored, repressed emotion and, through that crisis, we start to question every aspect of our lives. We see first-hand the pain caused by the runner in the connection choosing to live inauthentically and, after a time of anger and blame, we look within at parts of our lives in which we were doing the same.

At that point, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to continue following the life script as dictated by our culture and time and will need to start making some shifts in your inner and outer world to get closer and closer to becoming the person you were born to be.

Soul connections are a true caterpillar to butterfly experience.

To dive further into this topic, please check out my three-part video series on YouTube:

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The Ride I

by Ron Holzwarth

Editor’s note: This is Chapter 1 of a story written by Ron Holzwarth, describing a dream he had. Hailing from America, Ron is an engineer, who has studied quantum mechanics and has a background in technical writing. He also has extensive experience with the paranormal. Ron’s focus now is spirituality, and I can relate to this, originally coming from a scientific career. I thoroughly enjoyed The Ride and discovered new concepts and meanings when I read it again. To be continued in March and April. Enjoy!

Chapter One

I walked down the midway at the fair, and looked at a very small railway train ride. The track was only about eighteen feet long, and the two ends were just half circles. The two straight sections of track were only about six feet apart, and the little train went maybe two miles an hour.

It looked like a small old time railway train, but was obviously not powered with steam. It did not look like anything special at all, there were not even any hills to go up or down. The only thing that made it appear at all unusual was that the cars were large enough for adults to ride in, although only one on a seat, not side by side. It was that small.

I recognized the man at the ticket booth, while I did not know him, I knew he was a Jehovah’s Witness, perhaps from his missionary work.

I protested at the gate. “Oh, come on, it’ll be scary,” the man said.

I looked at him in disbelief. That thing couldn’t get off the ground, not even six inches. Let alone fly into outer space! It was no more than a child’s railway train ride at the fair. But it had seat belts! I knew I was to wear my seat belt, although it certainly did not look necessary.

I watched an old lady go on the Ride, she put on her seat belt. And she really believed that she was going to go into outer space. “Put on the seat belt,” the man told her, “and just believe.” That’s what she did. She had her Ride, while watching her, it appeared as though she saw something that interested her, then something that scared her,,, and then several things that put an expression of utter horror on her face. Then she appeared to almost faint. Without the seat belt, I think she might have fallen out. No wonder so many believe. I didn’t know what it was, but I was sure she was fooled, although I didn’t understand it at all.

After the Ride, she undid her seat belt, got up, and calmly walked away. She had completed the Ride and had seen all she needed to see, and would not care to ride a child’s railway train again. The Ride was not her destination, she had more important things to do, so she headed on up the midway.

So there I was on the Ride, and there was now nothing else. At one point on the Ride I realized that I had been here before.

I saw it two or three times, each time you go through the Ride it becomes a little clearer. But when you are watching the people who believe what they’re told going through for the first time, it is unbelievable that they think it could happen.

But on my last trip on the Ride, I knew when I exited from the void of space and the dark warplane appeared, that it was not quite as real as I had thought before. It was a moving hologram, and not even in color, just black and white. Only this time it seemed to be different than before. Instead of looming at me for only a second, the fighter plane had more movement. Towards me! Oddly, it was silent. I was sure Hitler was involved with this somehow.

There is a crash –

    THE END!

After the crash at the end of the Ride, I remembered that I had taken many other trips around, but had forgotten all from each time until now, at the end of the Ride. I undid my seat belt and stepped out of the little train. Each time I saw more. You see, the Ride is a lot more complicated than it looks. Just believe. And be sure to wear your seat belt.

Once the Ride begins, you cannot remember anything that happened to you from before you got on the Ride, except sometimes in strange flashes that seem to be things that happened to someone else a very long time ago.

While you are on it, you really think it is reality. And for you, it is. And the weirdest thing is, even while you are on the Ride, you cannot remember your last Rides. Except vaguely, as in premonitions, and then more completely at the end of the Ride. Then you forget almost everything about the Ride as you disembark from what you think is the experience of your life. If you turn and look you see nothing but a child’s railway train ride at the fair. Nothing special at all. And by then you don’t even remember much of your Ride any more.