Two of many reasons to journal

​​​​​​By Felicity Biasi

The first reason you have most likely heard me talk about before, that is purpose driven journaling. Which is journaling with a specific purpose such as capturing your experience with spirit after a meditation. Another form of purpose driven journaling is asking spirit a specific question and then meditating the answer through your writing. ​​​​​​​​

The second reason and one I am appreciating more recently is journaling for what I call a download or brain dump, there is no needed or being in a state of meditation it’s just simply when my brain is too full or too consumed by a situation, I use my journal to dump all that information onto a page. This goes back to our traditional memories of journaling when we were younger in the forms of our dear diary. The concept of writing things down has an unbelievable release on your mental state. We are all overthinkers and sometimes that thinking gets beyond a joke so grab your journal grab your pen and write until you can’t write no more dump everything that’s in your brains circling around onto that paper. It’s unbelievable how much of what you right now may seem petty or stupid or ridiculous that you’re spiralling around the information it’s also wonderful when what seemed to be a ridiculously impossible problem now written in black and white looks completely solvable.​​​​​​​​
There are many more reasons to develop a journaling practice … what are yours?


Reprinted with permission from Florence King, from ‘A heart full of spirit’.

Mediumship is not a matter of bringing a spirit through necessarily. It is more being skilled enough to recognise the spiritual activity around a person that already exists. The spirit world does not wait for a medium to show up, they are already following their loved ones in the living, not us the mediums. As a medium, do not believe that you are automatically entitled to access spirit. It has to be earned. Trust and respect, must be shown and proven. Keep expectations open. Never compromise your principles and the only opinion you should care or be worried about, is that of spirit. It is a spectacular honour to be allowed to witness spirit in action, so do not abuse the privilege. Stay focused, eager to know more and hungry to learn. 

Anyone can link into spirit, but it takes a lot of hard work to perfect it. The reason that it is possible to be taught how to connect with spirit, is because each and every one of us, have someone waiting in spirit who would like to know and communicate with us. As long as you can think and feel, you can talk to spirit and feel their responses. We can all do it, just like we all have a singing voice, the exception being that some are more skilled than others. Distinguishing the difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship one, will develop with practice. You will recognise when someone from spirit is near, wanting you to connect them with their loved one here on Earth. It actually is very easy because spirit does all the work for you. All you have to practice is listening, understanding and getting the bonds between your guides as strong and as clear as you possibly can, because they are the ones that will protect you at all times.

…The harder you work, the more you should see, learn and personally grow and that is the beauty of the journey. If you would like to see Florence doing platform mediumship, she has a matinee and evening show coming up at Ingleburn RSL on 25th February. Florence King – Psychic Medium – Ingleburn RSL

Sanity Through Christmas

Christmas and New Year are often one of the most difficult times in our year to get through. I know from all the people I see and speak to in my work, this year seems to be heading for a bit of a doozie……..What with all the energy changes, the state of the planet and her people, all running or concerned, in grief or strife about something on their journey, and not one of us are exempt from that.. Therefore, I thought I would pop a few words down with information I have gained over the years, that just may help us to handle some or all of the  issues on our quest to stay Sane and stress free through this period…

When our emotions and senses are on high alert……. The number ONE cause to look at is Stress this leads to – confusion – worry – imbalance – lack of sleep etc..

So, what is STRESS  I hear you ask. 

It is the response of the body to any demand made upon it.  Our body reacts with hormones and chemicals into Fight or Flight Syndrome…  

Our internal reaction is: increased Blood pressure – Increased Breathing – Increased Pulse Rate – Increased Sweating – Increased Muscular Tension. 

I have found that Christmas – can have high family input – or we try to cram too much in and to please everyone, which  often is responsible for leading us to Dis-stress! Which can deflates us, to the point where we can be overcome by it, and we can even feel insecure, inadequate, or sometimes helpless.   Ever had that feeling? I know over the year I certainly have. 

So some of the signs to look for…. Anxiety from past experiences of this time of year. Especially. Or around thingsrelating to present day i.e. loans, traffic, kids… Anger… When things don’t go your way…. Worry… All the time when worry won’t help. Concentration… Difficulties… if the above remain constant our bodies will give Alarm reactions i.e. the body mobilises necessary reserves to deal with perceived threat or attack. The adrenal glands come under heavy pressure.                                                                         

Of course, our bodies are brilliant…. They can come to terms with the extra negative stimulus (stress) & its glands will produce enough hormones to recover & stabilise and keep going…. 

We must remember though. If the body does not return to its ‘base line’ i.e. how it was before the onset of the stress and is continually asked to maintain and work at the new stress level, it will tell you, first subtly i.e. stiff necks etc., if you still don’t listen and rest – then the immune system starts to break down – so the body forces you to rest……

Stress is the most common factor in case histories of people and is now accepted as having a great deal to do with a wide variety of physical & emotional problems….

We need to remember any change to our normal sequence of life can and will bring change into our stress levels – so what can we do about it – how can we minimise any unwanted results from stress or confusion – how can we deal with life and people when we are under pressure to perform – achieve – produce – the Christmas dinner… etc. 

So, I always seek a little help from my Young Living Essential oils and meditation helping me to see myself along the way and bring positive changes allowing me a stress free and joyous Christmas and New Year period….

Perception is the answer:

How we see ourselves, our situation, 

Remember – our thoughts and attitudes affect our health.                                                     

We need to learn to relax… for it will help to lower our blood pressure/heart rate, helps our energy rate, improves concentration, and helps release the physical symptoms that caused the problem in the first place. 

No 1 for me is to Meditate… 20-30 mins a day if you can use one of your favourite essential oils and a good, guided meditation CD…

Remember to have a massage every couple or so weeks. Or at least when you are aware it is very much required.

Use the oils that work with the specific symptom you may be experiencing… ie.

Need Stress release – use

Stress away – Helps to combats stresses that pop up in our day. Contains copaiba, lime, cedarwood, vanilla, Ocotea & lavender.

Transformation –An empowering essential – helps release negative thought and beliefs, changing your overall attitude, emotions and behaviour into positive results. Contains: lemon, sacred frankincense, sandalwood, peppermint, cardamom, clary sage, Idaho blue spruce, Palo Santo & Ocotea.

Need Grounding – use 

Grounding – Relaxing blend, helps clear and balance your being, enhance spirituality, and provides a stabilizing influence. Contains: white fir, pine, angelica, spruce, cedarwood, juniper & ylang ylang.

Sacred Mountain – Evokes a sense of sanctity found in nature. Promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding & protection. Contains: spruce, Idaho balsam fir, ylang ylang & cedarwood.

Need Balancing – use  

Dragon Time – helps to calm & sooth, tapping into those balancing properties. It doesn’t matter which age group you ladies happen to be in – it works for all… Contains: Clary sage, lavender, blue yarrow, fennel, marjoram & jasmine.

Harmony – Helps to bring one into harmonic balance, aligning all centre so all flow together efficiently… Contains: geranium, angelica, bergamot, lavender, spruce, ylang ylang, sandalwood, hyssop, palmarosa, Spanish sage, rose, frankincense, jasmine, lemon, orange, roman chamomile & coriander.

Release – Helps us let go of anger & frustration to bring forward harmony and balance. Contains: ylang ylang, geranium, blue tansy, lavender & sandalwood.

Need Clarity – use

Brain Power – helps to clarify thoughts and develop greater focus. Contains: sandalwood, Melissa, helichrysum, cedarwood, blue cypress, frankincense & lavender.

Clarity – Enhances clarity in all areas requiring clear thinking…. Contains: Basil, Roman chamomile, cardamom, geranium, bergamot, Rosemary, lemon, ylang ylang, peppermint, jasmine, palmarosa, & coriander.

Need help in Decision Making – use

Common sense – Enhances an individual’s reasonable and rational decision-making abilities. Contains: frankincense, ylang ylang, Ocotea, ruta, dorado azul, lime & goldenrod.

Gathering – Helps to overcome the chaotic energy of everyday life and keep you on the path to higher achievement. Contains: lavender, frankincense, spruce, geranium, sandalwood, rose, galbanum, ylang ylang & cinnamon bark.

Magnify your purpose – Stimulates creativity, desire, focus & motivation, encourages one to seize initiative & overcome procrastination. Contains: sandalwood, nutmeg, ginger, patchouli, sage, cinnamon bark, coriander, bergamot, ylang ylang & geranium.

Motivation – Helps overcome procrastination while promoting feelings of action & accomplishment, this helps one to move forward. Contains: roman chamomile, spruce, ylang ylang & lavender.

Need Joy in your life – use

Joy – Creates magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart, helping to create togetherness. Contains: bergamot, lemon, palmarosa, ylang ylang, mandarin, rose, geranium, jasmine, roman chamomile & tangerine.

Abundance – Enhances the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. Helps draw to us all things abundant – be positive…. Joy, happiness, peace, money etc.… Contains: orange, clove, cinnamon bark, frankincense, ginger, patchouli, & myrrh

Transformation – Empowers you to replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts, therefore changing your overall attitude, emotions and behaviour into a positive action. Contains: lemon, sacred frankincense, sandalwood, peppermint, cardamom, clary sage, Idaho blue spruce, Palo Santo & Ocotea.

Need Strength – use

Valor – Empowering blend that promotes feelings of strength, courage, & protection. Also supports energy alignment in one’s body. Contains: spruce, blue tansy, frankincense & rosewood.

Need restful Sleep – use

Peace & Calming – Encourages deep relaxation and may help with sleep patterns. Contains: tangerine, ylang ylang, blue tansy, patchouli & orange 

Remember all these oils can be used not only on yourselves wherever you feel is required – hands wrists on your feet etc. – but – in your diffuser as well therefore helping every member of your household/office…….

Now as you will recognise these are all blends that we have spoken of here but of course there are single oils that will help also and that information I can share with you on another occasion.

So, I hope a few of these ideas shared resonate for you and that you find them helpful…. Wishing you a very happy – stress free – abundant and peaceful Christmas for you and yours….

Mandy C.  

If you would like a little more information on the power of natures magic & my little bottles of essential angels. Feel free to contact me on or pop to my website and browse on through.


Love has the power to create miracles….. To truly love unconditionally is to move through all obstacles of intolerance, bigotry and prejudice. To love is to feel another’s pain, not by suffering with them but knowing that by sharing their burden you may ease their pain.

Love has the power to transform….. A depth of true soul consciousness brings with it a glowing warmth of sharing and the ability to let ego withdraw. Love knows when to let a weary soul rest in the knowledge that the time will come for a renewal of energy and revitalization.

Love creates understanding….. When true understanding is present there is an equalization of all forms of disparity, aligning oneself with the issues of those around us with compassion and sensitivity.

Love listens….sees….feels….is kind….is warm….is giving….is gentle….is discipline….is fullness of heart….

Love knows no bounds………….


April 2008

Changes to laws for child-related organisations

A message from the Office of the Children’s Guardian …

We regulate and oversee organisations in NSW because children and young people have the right to be safe.

New access to national information
Recent changes to laws mean that the NSW Working with Children Check can access information held on a national database of people barred from working with children.
This database, known as the National Reference System, has been established by the Australian Government and is operated by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).
This new measure means that the Office of the Children’s Guardian will be alerted if an applicant, or holder of a NSW clearance, has been barred from working with children in other states and territories.
We may also share information, including workplace misconduct information, with other states and territories when a person is barred from working with children in NSW.
There is more information on our website about these changes.

New requirement for heads of organisations
Changes also mean that heads of organisations under the Child Safe Scheme must now have a Working with Children Check clearance. This is because leaders should model the actions expected of their staff. Apply for a WWCC now.
Animal cruelty offences now WWCC barring offences
Additional changes have come into effect that will further strengthen the NSW Working with Children Check scheme by ensuring that NSW applicants or clearance holders will be automatically barred from working with children for a range of serious animal cruelty offences.
We have established a Memorandum of Understanding with RSPCA NSW and the Animal Welfare League for sharing animal cruelty information to support this change.
Reminder to verify new and renewed Checks
An expired Working with Children Check is not valid and must be renewed for the worker to remain in child-related work.
Applicants do the first step of applying for a new Check or renewing an existing one online at They then need to take their application number and identity documents to a Service NSW centre.
Employers can be penalised if they fail to verify that their workers or volunteers who work with children have a valid Working with Children Check or have applied for one. Find out more about penalties and compliance.
Make sure you keep your registration details up to date so we can contact you if a clearance is cancelled.

Child Safe – resources and training
There is much more to keeping children safe in your organisation than just the Working with Children Check. The Office of the Children’s Guardian provides online resources and tools to help you. Find out more at We also provide online training. Go to our Child Safe eLearning.

Tuning into Auras

Written by Mitchell CoombesAustralia’s most trusted spiritual medium

We are made of energy. Much like light surrounds a candle flame or an invisible cloud of fragrance surrounds a flower, we each have an invisible field of energy. Known as the aura, this field is an extension of our body’s unique vibrations.

Auras just like rainbows can contain many colours. But unlike a rainbow, the colours in our aura change and layer themselves from moment to moment depending on our moods, emotions, attitudes and the beliefs we hold deep within.

Sensing auras

Whenever we come into contact with another person we feel their energy; we sense their aura. We often naturally feel the aura of others without evening realising that we are doing it. Have you ever sat next to a stranger on a crowded bus, train or plane and instantly liked or disliked them? You sensed their energy – their aura. Begin to pay attention to the feelings and phrases you use to describe others. For example phrases like ‘they seem a little blue today’ or ‘their always green with envy’, or ‘gee doesn’t so and so just light up the room’ can all be subtle clues about what you are picking up when it comes to sensing auras.

Seeing auras

A simple and effective way to begin seeing auras is to do the following. Put the palms of your hands together and hold them over a large sheet of white paper. Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. Now relax your eyes and look just beyond your fingertips until you begin to see a faint hazy outline around your fingers and hand begin to form. It is possible you may also see a colour beginning to form such as a soft blue, yellow or green. The key with this exercise is to keep your eyes relaxed – the more you strain your eyes, the more difficult it will be to see subtle energy. This exercise will have immediate results for some while others may need to practice overtime for tangible results.

Mitchell Coombes is Australia’s most trusted spiritual medium and the bestselling author of Signs from Spirit. He has a weekly column in Woman’s Day & is well known from his regular appearances on Sunrise & The Morning Show. Visit for more.

Physical Mediumship

I have the absolute honour and privilege of running a small circle, practicing psychic exercises, intuition development and physical mediumship. We’re a small, group of like-minded people who get together in Orange NSW and I’d love to share our story with you, just to show that any group of people can meet and contact those in the spirit world.

But what is Physical Mediumship? It is the use of physical means to determine the presence of spirit and by which spirit can reveal themselves. The SNU – Spiritualist National Union, in the UK define it as “manipulation of energies and energy systems by spirit”. This can be recognised by the:

  • Materialisation of objects, apports, ectoplasm, spirit bodies or spirit parts ie a – hand.
  • Perceptible manifestations such as knocking, noises, voices, manipulation of lights and in our case by moving flames.
  • Use of Ouija boards, séance tables, cabinets, trumpets
  • Channelling, trance mediumship, materialisation of spirit

We are a small group of 4-10 people who try to get together once a month (Covid19 willing) just for the purpose of spiritual friendship and development. I believe it is because we try to meet regularly, have built up an energy of good intent, make a real effort with exercises and personal growth to connect with spirit, that has reaped this reward.

At the end of an evening of meditation and exercises, from which the energy has strengthened, we gather around a small table, placed in the middle of the room, on which sits a tall cylindrical glass vase with a small candle inside it. There is no way we can influence the flame with our breath, a breeze or movement because the candle is totally protected from such.

With 1-2 fingers each, resting lightly on the table we invite spirit of family and friends to draw closer. We ask them to reveal themselves by directing the flame towards one person in the room for whom there is spirit family present – we wait as the candle flickers, then splutters and dances around till it is glowing still and strong – then it definitely bends towards one person. We all double check the direction amongst ourselves, thank spirit, then with our mediumship we bring through messages for that person that are always validated. We then say thank you and ask if another spirit wishes to come through and wait for the candle to bend again. We can get 1,2 up to 5 messages a night.

For us this is a true affirmation of spirit being present, the messages bring comfort, joy and hope in these difficult times. Hopefully this is something your group could do too.

For more information contact Sara King

Find a Connection to Yourself and to Others

I wrote this under guidance from my guides, helpers & Masters overseeing our group towards the end of a 42 wk  long Spiritual Ascension journey around 2012 and with what is going on in the world today this was brought right in my path today with insistence I needed to read and share. So here I am. I hope somewhere in these words you find a connection to yourself & to others. 

This is a journey that each must take, and it can only come into being when each one is ready and in the heart of pure unconditional love. Some of you are already in this aspect of resonance and others are close. It will need a little more diligence and with practice, pure love will be the reward – but not for the self, but for the people, for your work of service is to improve all levels of your being, so you in turn can be of greater assistance to the whole. For in the coming months, you will be called to service many times and you will respond with Love and a pure heart flowing with the directions given. For you are the hierarchy on the earth fulfilling your commitment to the higher spiritual power of higher realms, some may say heaven.

It is time to reawaken the sleeping spirit in each and every being that are willing to find their true purpose. You are the keys to that awakening. You will each be taken into unknown areas to you – yet you will respond with the positive resonance of love creating a balance of energy where required – bringing an opportunity of Peace and calm to follow. There are times you may feel that your presence will not make a difference – this is incorrect – for your attendance is an activation of Heart Love, core energy that will in turn effect the whole. Never doubt who you are – for you’re a being of light, here to serve the greater good for mankind and the planet earth which in turn brings balance to the Universal Core and Planetary Life forms.

Remember you are not of this world – you are in it, to fulfill a mission of service – for this we are grateful. Remember who you are…. A Spiritual being in a physical form bringing Love and Service to the whole.

Our Blessings to you all. Our Gratitude to you all, Our Love to you all.

Masters of the Spiritual Council – 2012 

How Meditation can enhance your life and connect you with Spirit.

One of the most important avenues to help with one’s Spiritual development is to learn how Meditation can enhance your life Plus for me this was the quickest link to spirit

Meditation for me was a no brainer once I started and learnt to let go as it were. For I have a head that just never stops, one thought after the other and another etc. Once I recognized that of course that is what the mind/ brain is designed to do, then I allowed myself to drift and return and allowed myself to gently come to my own understanding of my busy mind being slowly and gently helped to relax and let go, it was the allow bit I had the most trouble with. Being a person that certainly likes to be in control at all times. I am sure many of you can relate to that? Once the allowance came into play (through a very patient teacher, I might add)   I came to the discovery of  how meditation was enhancing my life through calming and relaxing not only my mind, but my  body and emotions were following suit and I was experiencing much clearer thinking. It helped me cope with the very busy physical, mental and emotional demands in my life in corporate management in the 80’s & 90’s.  Also during this period of time I began to notice how the practice of meditation seemed to increase my energy and concentration. I also found as I progressed with my meditation, I found my awareness was changing I can also say I was achieving an inner peace and stillness which was quite foreign to me.  From that point on I found that as my pattern of meditation became stronger, so did my understanding and awareness of Spirit also become clearer and more purposeful. I found I began to understand the inner me, my own intuition and natural understanding of many things. Therefore, encouraging me to follow my way guided by intuition and knowing. The other aspect of Meditating on a regular basis is the many health benefits enhanced by the act of meditating regularly. A big one for me was I was able to overcome some, well a lot really if I’m honest, of my stresses and work pressures,  in a peaceful and calming way allowing me to flow more freely through my daily life.

This of course over time led me to produce my own Guided Healing Meditations which I specifically designed to give all the benefits of meditation and plus the added benefit of dialogue designed to re-activate the self-healing process. I encourage the listener to allow the mind-body connection to perform as it was designed to, with health and wellbeing being the ultimate target.

There are many books on Meditation available all with many descriptions on many discipline’s and as individuals we will all choose that will bring us the most benefit for our needs. Most of us are looking to feel calmer in body and mind.  Meditation for me is helpful in releasing the stresses, relaxing my muscles, lets go of tenseness in the jaw, and between the shoulders etc. And brings about a sense of peace and balance in my being.  

You may like to try this little exercise:

Come sit with me 

 In times of trouble and uncertainty, come sit with me here on the rocks, close your eyes – yet keep the image forefront of your mind, and listen to the sound of the water, yes hear it, listen, now feel the spray of the waterfall as it seeps into your being cleansing, clearing and purifying every aspect of who you are. Bringing you to a state of peace and calm, thus bringing clarity to your being… Relax even further now – embrace the water the warmth of the sun on your back… let the energy of the water and the sun bring forward the strength and understanding in you. Stay with me as long as you wish… but know, when you are ready to continue your day. It will be with a renewed energy and perfection will be yours 😊 – Mandy Coles meditation facilitator. 24/1/22 copyright


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   of the Financial Year ending on June 30, 2022 is now closed.
   and is scheduled to reopen on July 1, 2022

2. ASA Spiritual Voice – February 2022 Newsletter


Kindest Regards, Stay Safe and Take Care,
Henry Zarth
Founder and Managing Director,
Australian Spiritual Alliance,
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