Freedom to Practice


The Australian Spiritual Alliance (Alliance) aims to recognise Inspired and Intuitive practitioners in the field of Natural Therapies, Traditional Medicine, Complimentary Medicine, Psychic and Spiritual Modalities and its associated practices in the Australian Spiritual Fraternity.

The Alliance is unique in that there is no other organisation in Australia that encompasses all Intuitive Services and Natural Therapies under the one banner. Nor can any existing business in the Spiritual Fraternity include Constitutional Freedom to Practice.


In order to include members in the Constitutional Freedom to Practice the Alliance aims to establish a Register of Activities that will provide the Alliance with a summary of the services offered by members. The benefit to members will be to enable the Alliance to support and advocate for the member should they be mentioned in a complaint or any legal claim alleged against them for any of the registered services they provided for a fee or free. This is a Pre-active process specifically designed to resolve situations before they become major issues that always require Pro-active and quite often expensive solutions.


A member after obtaining a Public and Product Liability Insurance Cover with the Alliance will be asked to submit a List of Services they provide. If a particular Service appears to have a high-risk assessment of any element, the Alliance will assist the member to develop a Safety Plan that does not impede the provision of that service and complies with the Alliance Policy of Do No Harm. This process formalises any action that was developed and taken to eliminate or manage any perceived element of risk in the provision of any activity.  .


To complete the process the Alliance will issue the member with a Certificate of Service to confirm that the member has Registered the Services they provide. This Registration is not intended to provide any indication of Competency and will be valid only for the period of Public Liability Insurance as provided by the Alliance and for any continuous renewal period thereafter.