Activities – Information and Index

A List of Activities is at the Centre of a Safety Management Culture.

Under National Workplace Health and Safety a Member that organises an Event or Activity is held directly responsible for that activity and must ensure that a Risk Assessment and subsequent Safety Management Plan have been formalised. The Alliance also has a Duty of Care to ensure that a member has complied to these requirements for every activity.

Should an incident occur requiring the attendance of Work Safe Inspectors, the first requirement is to produce the above documentation.

It is also necessary for the Alliance to recognise the extremely broad scope of activities that the Spiritual Fraternity is involved in on a daily basis. This scope represents the overall umbrella of functions and activities that are considered as normal and included in the Alliance Aims and Objectives and are protected under its constitutional rights. This scope represents the known variations as at the time of publication but also includes the production and providers that enable the listed activities to function.

The List of Activities is not a finite collation of known Goods, Services, Devices, Providers and Veterinary Services and will require regular updating. It has been sorted by categories and has 2750+ line items at this time.

Category P – Providers:
Coaches, Consultants, Counsellors, Facilitators, Organisers, Leaders, Practitioners, Readers, Healers, Trainers, Mediums, Psychics, etc

Category G – Goods: used or sold
Essences, Essential Oils, Extracts, Herbs, Plants, Crystals, Gemstones, Supplements, Food, Medicine / Natural / Traditional / Complimentary, etc

Category S – Services:
Therapies, Techniques, Massage, Counselling, Research, Services, Health, Reiki, Yoga, Assessments, Analysis, Energy, Sound, Intuitive / Psychic / Spiritual activities, Meditation, Paranormal, Investigation, Training, Health, Well-being, etc.

Category R – REIKI:
Reiki and variations

Category Y – YOGA:
Yoga and variations

Category D – Devices: used in the delivery of Services
Equipment, Machines, Materials, Devices, Gases, Lasers, Cameras, Spas, Tanks, Apparatus, Candles, Drums, etc

Category V – Veterinary:
Goods and Services for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, other Animals, etc

Being Listed currently indicates only that the Activity is identified.
Each line item has a Category Code and Number for easy reference.
Should an Activity not be Listed please advise the Alliance.