The History of Spirituality goes back many thousands of years to a time when belief in the “Gods” was practiced by many civilisations including the Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, Egyptians, many indigenous nations including Australia. Each having their own way of appeasing the “Gods” and understanding Nature.

Adam had a direct link to “God” but he was very different.
Adam was “the first living soul” 1 Corinthians 15:45. (and not the first human being)
1 Corinthians 15:44 says that “there is a natural body and there is a spiritual body”.

This then focuses the meaning of spirituality to the question of who we really are.

We all know that everything mortal has a limited life cycle. However the spirit is something totally different and can stand the test of time.

Later in history Moses went up the mountain and came back with some commandments after a connection with “God”. Even Jesus came to “show” us the way.

All through the ages many people were able to “Connect” with Spirit. They were known as a Sage, Mystic, Witch (Doctor), Magician, Sorcerer, Fortune Teller, etc.
The ability to do this “connecting” has not waned over the years, in spite of all the “witch hunts”.

Ever since the First Settlement in Sydney as a Penal Colony in 1788 with 1480 people, Australia has been in catch-up mode, spiritually.

In 1848 Spiritualism in a modern sense got a big burst in Hydesville, New York State, USA with the 3 Fox Sisters. That was 60 years after the first settlement in Sydney.

Australia was experiencing a very basic and simple penal lifestyle until the Gold Rush Era from 1862 to 1893. During that period which started in Victoria, 64 different locations spread around the nation that each promised gold and good fortune. Word spread around the world including the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

Many people rushed to these mines from all around the world and included Fortune Tellers, Gypsies and Psychics. Each operating independently and in fact were in competition with each other and it would be unrealistic to expect all of them to be totally genuine and it has not changed to this day.

At this point I would like to pay respect and a tribute to the Legacy of a man who was known as Mr Spiritualism of Australia in the 1970’s.- Mr Don Davis. – A very good trance medium and his wife Mary was a Healer. They lived in Kiama Downs, in the South Coast of NSW. Both passed away in 2000.

He established the Australian Spiritualist Association in the early 1970’s and this was the first national attempt to unite the Spiritualist Fraternity in Australia. The ASA was set-up with a separate Committee in each state and a National Group operating as the Governing Body. All seemed to be going well until some Branches eventually brought about the downfall of the whole organisation due to in-fighting.

Spirituality, as with many things in life, has been viewed and applied in countless different ways and some sections have formed organisations having set views and procedures that reflect their opinions.
Spiritualism and Spiritism as established religions are just some of them.

As a result of the efforts of Don Davis and his supporters of which there were many, the Spiritual Fraternity that acknowledged the 7 Principles did over time form a number of recognised religious denominations, even if only for the purposes of the Marriage Act, and are –

1. 1975 – USOA       United Spiritualism of Australia                                    (started in NSW)
2. 1983 – VSU          Victorian Spiritualist Union                                           (started in Victoria )
3. 1995 – ICS           International Council of Spiritualists                             (started in Victoria)
4. 1987 – ACSCOA  Associated Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia   (started in Victoria)

In 1990 a second attempt to unify the Spiritual Fraternity was established by Henry Zarth and known as the Australian Spiritual Association. The Association lasted 20 years and after a number of successful early years wound up also after a number of Committee problems.

Spiritualism. Spiritism and Spirituality are often confused because they share an understanding that the Spirit realm is real and that a “connection” can be established between the two and in particular between the spirits of people past and present.

Spirituality has a number of variations including Spiritualism, Spiritism, Spiritist, Christian Spiritual, Christian Spiritualist, Christian Spiritual amongst the many in the United States, UK, Europe, America, Brazil.

Spirituality deals specifically with a persons’ own unique understanding of beliefs, morals, codes, values, respect, etc. that have developed over a lifetime of their own experience. It also respects and nurtures the many benefits of Natural Healing Energy and Therapies in its many forms.

Spirituality empowers a person to decide for themselves as to “what is right” and discard what doesn’t fit. It enables a person to develop and mature at their own pace, feel comfortable along that journey and not be burdened with guilt, fear or concern about the reality of life and the spirit world.

The journey is enriched with a holistic approach to the Body, Mind and Spirit. This clearly defines every single person as a very unique individual in their own right.

Spirituality is therefore the essential principle and back-bone of life.