Constitutional Cover and Insurance

Membership of the Alliance does not imply that any Insurance Policy or Cover affected for the operations of the Alliance automatically includes the operations of a member and therefore a member must specifically obtain their own Insurance and Certificate of Currency in their own name.

A. Cover – Constitutional Freedom of Practice

The Alliance Constitution deliberately includes a Statement of Spiritual Faith and Belief which when practiced for the benefit of the community allows the Alliance to claim “Freedom to Practice” under Section 116 of the Australian Constitution.

This Freedom to Practice may be called by some as a Constitutional – Safety Net, Safeguard, Protection or Cover. Whatever it may be called the High Court has deemed that the activities practiced must be to the benefit of the community. The Alliance has a constitution and mandate to do just that.

The Alliance can thereby advocate for and support its members under these conditions whilst they practice within their inspired and associated activities and any standards that may apply.

To make this possible the Alliance has prepared a Register of Activities – for such Services, Goods and Devices that a member may be utilizing in the delivery of their intuitive and associated activities. The Register may be updated at any time to ensure that the listed items conform to the Constitutional purposes of the Alliance. The Alliance will rely on the advice and details submitted by members for this purpose.

In some cases it may be necessary to prepare a Safety Management Plan for any activity or item that may be considered to have a high-risk component, if any. Should that be necessary the Alliance will assist in that process to formalise a safe approach without hindering the purpose and benefit of such an activity.

This approach will formalise the management of an intuitive activity or item, should it ever be identified as an item of interest in any litigation or matter of concern.

This approach will also have a positive impact on any arguments of a sceptical nature and provide an avenue to identify and deal with any unscrupulous operators.

As a benefit of support to members, the Alliance will include this “Cover” as a bonus for those members purchasing both Public and Product Liability through our Insurance program and requires the member to identify themselves as members of the Alliance and that they do not provide their goods and services as entertainment.

B. Insurance – Public and Product Liability

Insurance, during times of high level public litigation, is considered essential to ensure peace of mind, confidence and security into the short and long term.

The Alliance has nominated Aon Risk Solutions as our Insurance Broker and can through them provide a highly competitive cover for a Policy that operates anywhere in Australia and is available only to members.

Details of the Combined Public and Products Liability Policy can be found on our Insurance Policy Page. A Certificate of Currency will be issued by Aon and emailed to you.

The Public and Product Insurance Cover can be purchased from the Members Page which appears after “login” as a member.

C. Insurance – Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is specifically focused on Allied Health Professionals that operate within their specified scope of Licenced Skills and is managed by their particular Industry Group, Parent or Governing Body and which also provides this Insurance Cover. This does not impact on the right of such a Professional to become a member of the Alliance.

The Alliance has no intentions of becoming involved in the range or practice of skills required in the Allied Health Professions for which a Licence or Authority is required.

However, the Alliance can support a member that is an Allied Health Professional that provides any inspired goods and services as a separate activity.

The Alliance has a mandate and a number of its services and activities that support and compliment the Allied Health Industry as well as others in the Health and associated Medical Fraternity.

D. Insurance – Property and Goods, etc

A member –  

  • Being a sole trader;
  • having a committee, assistants, management team or has volunteers;
  • owns assets or property, specialised and valuable goods and equipment

may seek additional Policies to cover situations, such as –

  • Protector Liability (Management Liability / Professional Indemnity)
  • Property (Fire: Building & Contents)
  • Crime (Burglary, Money etc.)
  • General Property
  • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Cover

which can be obtained at a very competitive price from our Broker.


In our opinion it is reasonable to consider that Section A coupled with Section B and if required Section D in this document, would in many cases be sufficient to cover most circumstances that an Inspired Service Provider would encounter.
The final decision in regards to this arrangement can only be the responsibility of the member and depends on circumstances and any local requirements.