Freedom to Practice – Information

The Alliance Constitution specifically and deliberately includes a Statement of Spiritual Belief which when practised for the benefit of the community allows the Alliance to claim “Freedom to Practice” under Section 116 of the Australian Constitution.

This Freedom to Practice may be called by some as a Constitutional – Safety Net, Safeguard, Protection, Umbrella or Cover. Whatever it may be called the High Court has deemed that the activities practised must be to the benefit of the community. The Alliance has a constitution and mandate to do just that under it’s Do No Harm Policy.

The Alliance can thereby advocate for and support its members under these conditions whilst they practice within their inspired and associated activities and any standards that may apply.

As support to members, the Alliance will include this “Cover” as a benefit for the members that purchase both Public and Product Liability through the Alliance Insurance program and have a Certificate of Registration for their Services.

Members will need to identify themselves as members of the Alliance and that they no longer offer / provide their goods and services as entertainment.