Freedom to Practice – Information

The Australian Spiritual Alliance (Alliance) Constitution deliberately includes a Statement of Spiritual Belief that allows the Alliance to claim “Freedom to Practice” under Section 116 and 109 of the Australian Constitution. Extracts of the Australian Constitution are available on our website together with a Legal Endorsement.
This Freedom to Practice may be called by some as a Constitutional – Safety Net, Safeguard, Protection or Cover. Whatever it may be called the High Court has deemed that the activities practised must be to the benefit of the community and does no harm. The Alliance has a Constitution, Policies, Objectives and Mandate to do just that.
The Alliance aims to recognise genuine Inspired and Intuitive practitioners and providers of the Activities, Services and Modalities as listed in summary format on our website.
The Alliance is very unique in Australian History in that there has never been nor is there any organisation in Australia that encompasses all Inspired and Intuitive Services, Activities, and Modalities that operate as a Business or Not For Profit under the one banner.
Businesses such as Sole Traders, Groups or Organisations in the Spiritual Fraternity cannot provide or claim this Constitutional Freedom to Practice in their own right.
The Alliance is able to offer and extend this Freedom to Practice to individual Adult and Concession members subject to Policy Conditions. The conditions are adapted from current Laws and Regulations, in particular Health and Safety.
The Alliance will establish a List of Activities, provided by members, that will be a summary of the services offered by them.
The benefits are to enable the Alliance to –
a) support and advocate for the member should they be mentioned or be a person of interest in a complaint or any legal claim alleged against them for any of the registered services they provided either for a fee or free.
b) prepare a Management Plan that will enable it to prioritise and formulate a direction and requirements for the future.
After obtaining Public and Product Liability Insurance Cover with the Alliance the member will be asked to respond to a Questionnaire for each Service they provide.
A. If a particular Service appears to have –
a) a degree of risk for any element of the activity;
the Alliance will assist the member to develop a Safety Management Plan that does not impede in the provision of that service.
B. If a particular Service includes the provision of that service to –
a) Children, supervised or not; or
b) Vulnerable people,
State and National Laws require a Working With Children Clearance (WWCC) or Exemption for the provision of that service.
On satisfactory completion of the Process, the Alliance will issue the member with a Certificate of Service to confirm that the member has Listed the Services they provide.
This Certificate is not intended to provide any indication of Skill, Competency or Experience and will be valid only for the ongoing period of Public Liability Insurance as provided by the Alliance and for any subsequent and continuous renewal period.
The Certificate also identifies if the provider does or does not have a Working With Children Clearance or Exemption.
Freedom to Practice is not available to Groups or Organisations.
High Court Rulings recognise that it is the members of a Group or Organisation that in fact provides these hands-on services.
A Group or Organisation is in fact a Business Entity to facilitate the provision of a Service but cannot in its own right hold Qualifications, Skills or Competencies, nor can it provide the actual Service because it is not a legally defined natural person by birth.
The members of a Group or Organisation are able to and may become members of the Alliance in their own right as individuals. The Group and Organisation thereby gains the advantage of their member holding Alliance Insurance, a Certificate of Service that includes Freedom to Practice.
The Alliance recognises and acknowledges the Aims and Activities of Organisations that have been and are focused on specific Intuitive Services and Modalities.
These organisations provide for levels of skill and competency within their field of expertise that is highly valued and needed in the community.
The Alliance does not and will not seek to diminish the aims or value of service these organisations provide nor will it become involved in their affairs, unless asked.
The Alliance seeks to co-operate, support and at a minimum have an amicable business relationship with an organisation having the same aims.

The Alliance welcomes an approach by a Group or Organisation for discussion.