Who Could / Can Join

The Australian Spiritual Alliance (Alliance), was specifically established to recognise, acknowledge and advocate on behalf of members as genuine providers of intuitive spiritual goods and services operating in the community as a Business or Not For Profit.

This objective includes the intuitive forms of Health services including Natural and Indigenous Therapies, Traditional and Complimentary Medicine, Spiritual Research and Investigation, Intuitive Healers and Readers, Teachers and Facilitators who provide guidance and assistance to enable a person to develop and have a stable and holistic balance of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Alliance by its Aims and Objectives does not cause a conflict with any other intuitive organisation or group and actually encourages and seeks their co-operation.

The Spiritual Fraternity in its current format lends itself to a lot of negative criticism from –

  • Sceptics, Critics and Science related organisations
  • Established Institutional Religious Organisations
  • Social Media and Internet mis-information (false news)
  • Fraudulent, corrupt and unqualified operators and vested interests

Membership of the Alliance changes the circumstances around these criticisms to the point that when a member advertises their Membership before every intuitive service or activity, the member –

  • operates under Section 116 of the Australian Constitution; and
  • does not operate for entertainment purposes.

The Alliance has been established as a Not For Profit Charitable Spiritual organisation with a number of Policies including – Do No Harm, Code of Conduct, Health, Safety, Privacy, Aged, Children, Disability, Competency, Benevolence, etc.

The Spiritual Fraternity stands for the fundamental criteria that Spirituality is the back-bone of life and therefore extremely important. A co-ordinated cohesive fraternity is able to deal with the above criticisms and raise the level of community, political and legal trust and respect.

The Alliance by having a Statement of Faith in its Constitution is able to do just that.

Your membership will enable the Alliance to address the criticism and elevate Spirituality to a level of recognition and respect not seen before in Australia.

Membership is open to Individuals and Groups that operate as a Business or Not For Profit and share a Spiritual approach to Life. You may not consider yourself as Intuitive but can support the organisation. You may in fact be attending or operating a Spiritual Centre or Spiritist / Spiritualist Church or Group, all are welcome.

Membership has a number of Benefits including Insurance, Reduced Course Fees, Socials, support, assistance, personal development and Mentors. You meet a lot of decent people that share a healthy well balanced and peaceful lifestyle.

“We will not impose our way of life but we will shine for others to follow”

For more information, membership, insurance and contact details please refer to –

https://bk.spiritual.org.au/  and visit our Facebook Page.