Membership BASIC


Membership BASIC does not have the option of Insurance.
2. Membership BASIC is not restricted to residents of Australia.
3. Membership BASIC – Concessions are not available to non residents of Australia.
 B1 – Concession* an Individual adult and refers to –
each single person having a Concession Card
 B2 – Adult an Individual adult and refers to –
each single person
 B3 – Group
 a Group of individual adults –
the contact person nominates the people on the management team/committee
  •  B1 – Concession Membership is available for Australian Residents who are –
    • Pensioner Concession Card Holders,
    • Seniors and Health Care Card Holders,
    • Veterans and Disabled Parking Permit Holders
    • Alliance Board, Branch, Committee and Team members

MEMBERSHIP BASIC – the process

1.  When you select Membership BASIC
        a) Select the type of Membership that is appropriate – Concession, Adult or Group.
        b) Your membership commences from the date of purchase for 12 months
2. When you confirm your purchase
        a) Your Membership funds are sent to Stripe – our Transaction manager
        b) A receipt is emailed to you by the ASA for your record
        c) An email is sent to the ASA Admin for Database entry
3. When your Membership is due for renewal
        a) A notice is emailed to you a month before renewal
        b) The renewal is automatic on July 1 [unless set on Manual]
        c) The above process is repeated each year