Fees :

Financial Year commences on July 1 and ends on June 30.
After July fees are reduced on a monthly Prorata basis.

1. All Fees are in Australian Dollars A$.
2. Membership and Insurance are linked to our Financial Year.

E’s include :          

1. ALL New Membership Applications :
    a)  An Application Fee              
2. Membership BASIC : No insurance
    a)  Membership BASIC Subscription Fee
    b)  STRIPE Transaction Fee + GST 

3a. Membership PLUS : With Insurance
    a)  Membership BASIC Subscription Fee
    b)  Membership PLUS Subscription Fee
    c)  STRIPE Transaction Fee + GST
3b. Insurance :
    a)  Underwriter Premium + GST + State Stamp Duty
    b)  Broker Fee + GST
    c)  ASA Fee + GST
    d)  STRIPE Transaction Fee + GST