Membership PLUS

1. Membership PLUS has the option to purchase Insurance from our Broker.
2. Membership PLUS is limited to –
     a) Residents of Australia, and
     b) Businesses based in Australia


    Concession   an Individual Adult and refers to –
  each single person having a Concession Card
    Adult   an Individual Adult and refers to –
  each single person
  a Group of individual Adults –
 the contact person nominates the people on the management team/committee

Concession Membership is available to :
Pensioner Concession Card Holders,
Seniors and Health Care Card Holders,
Veterans and Disabled Parking Permit Holders
Alliance Board, Branch, Committee and Team members

MEMBERSHIP PLUS – the process
1..Select Membership PLUS
-. a) Select the type of Membership that is appropriate, Concession, Adult, Group.

-. b) Your Membership commences from the date of purchase for 12 months
2..When you proceed with your Membership purchase
-. a) Your Membership Fee is sent to Stripe – our Transaction manager
-. b) The ASA sends you a receipt for your Membership payment.
-. c) An email is sent to the ASA Admin for Database entry
-. d) An email is sent by the ASA to our Insurance Broker – for their attention
3..When our Broker receives the email (2.d)
-. a) Our Broker emails to you and the ASA the appropriate Tax Invoice for Insurance
-. b) Your Insurance Fee payment is sent to our Broker
-. c) Our Broker sends you a receipt for your insurance payment
-. d) Our Broker emails to you and the ASA your Certificate of Insurance.
4..When your Membership and Insurance are due for renewal
-. a) A notice is emailed to you approx. a month before the renewal date
-. b) The Membership renewal is automatic annually after date of purchase
-. c) The Insurance renewal invoice will be sent to you before the due date of payment