Membership – Information

An application for membership requires a “once only” Application Fee.

Membership of the Alliance is available in 4 categories.
(click on membership square to join)


A and C membership is for Individuals
G membership is for Groups (of two or more) – Both Not For Profit and Businesses
O membership is for Organisations having a membership base – After consultation.

C membership is divided into –
CP Pensioner, Seniors, Health, Veterans and Disabled Card / Parking Holders
CC Alliance Committee members
CP members must provide their Concession Card Number

Membership Period
Members may only subscribe for membership for a maximum of 1 year at a time
Membership is synchronised with the Financial Year, being July 1 to June 30 of the following year
New Applications and Renewal of Membership each year is available in June for the following year.

Introductory Offer
As an Introductory Offer the first subscription period of up to 5 years is offered at  a 20% discount and is valid till June 1, 2019. Coupon Code “OPEN20”

Annual Insurance is available to members after login and in the Members Section
For further advice and details on Insurance refer to the Insurance Page.