Ever since Australia was first colonised the Community and Spiritual Fraternity within it has been plagued by Frauds, Scams and Charlatans’ who see the opportunity to fleece the public with any dribble or snake oil they can get away with and often at a huge price.

They feed sceptics and non-believers with enough doubt, false details and impressions that damage the whole fraternity and label us all with the same dirty brush.

The Alliance is lending its support to a new current investigation into fraudulent psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and healers, etc. who operate around Australia.

Scams and Fraudulent activity can be as simple as:

  • Claiming false Training, Qualifications, Skills, Experience or Outcomes,
  • Claiming false Certificates or References, perhaps purchased from overseas,
  • Claiming to Guarantee expert results for good health, future or fortune,
  • Claiming and don’t provide Proof of Survival or contact with departed loved ones,
  • Claiming huge amounts of money with lots of promises,
  • Imposing rituals that include sexual harassment, undesirable contact or even rape,
  • Imposing rituals or threats with Spells or Black Magic to ensure your silence,
  • Providing services, readings or healing with false or misleading claims and hopes,
  • Providing readings while relying on continual client feedback, history or written text,
  • Any other associated goods or services that did not meet expectations.

If you have had an experience that is similar to any activity identified above, the Alliance would invite you, as the person affected by the experience, to contact us with information about what happened, as well as by who and where the experience occurred. Your identity can remain anonymous, if you wish.

Under Australian and State Consumer Protection Laws you are entitled to believe that you will get exactly what you expect based on what you were told or read in any form of advertising, and exactly what you paid for or was offered free or for a donation.

The Alliance was established to bring about quality, transparency, respect and acknowledgement for all the genuine intuitive operators in the Australian Community and to bring an end for the need to be classed as Entertainment.

The Alliance can be contacted by – Email, Website, Contact, Phone 0416 032 621

There have been 46 reported scams already in 2019 with over 41% involving money.

The Government has a “ScamWatch” – ScamsReport a scamGet help

Please assist the Alliance to bring an end to this unscrupulous and dishonest behaviour and support our efforts to become a credible, respected and true National Spiritual Organisation.