Child Safety

A Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a State safety requirement and forms part of the Child Safety Standards.

The Australian Spiritual Alliance (ASA) is a Not For Profit Organisation with a Do No Harm Policy, and as such supports a Clearance or Exemption for members that have unsupervised access with children and/or vulnerable people such as the Aged, Veterans or Disabled as required in law;
It involves a Police Check (criminal history record check) and a continuing review of any reportable workplace misconduct. The outcome of a check is either an exemption or clearance to work with children or a bar against working with children.

A Clearance or Exemption will be continuously monitored for any new relevant offences or workplace records to ensure that the check remains current, as required within the Laws of the State of issue.

  • Non-compliance with this Policy is a serious safety breach of the Code of Conduct and may result in an instant response to terminate any appointed or elected position in the Alliance.
  • A member that requires a WWCC Clearance for an activity and is non-compliant shall not be entitled to any support or assistance from the ASA for all such operations until such time as compliance becomes effective and can be confirmed.
  • A member with an Exemption is required to provide a copy of the card or document to confirm the exemption otherwise be considered as non-compliant.

An adult must apply in their own right because an ID Check is part of the process.

The following details are suggested as information –

  1. Members operating as a Business may be able to include any Fees as a taxable deduction and a Clearance can be used as an advertising item.
  2. Members that operate in any role for or on behalf of the ASA should indicate that their purpose is as a Volunteer for Religious Purposes. Any applicable fees are usually reduced or free, as in NSW.

The requirements, Fees, Application Forms for a Check or Exemption and Process are different at every State and includes Penalties for Non-Compliance

As a guide the ASA provides this information. (Click on the relevant Square)
You may require a State Clearance or Exemption for every State in which you operate.


Everyone, especially our younger and vulnerable population are dependent on and entitled to receive our full support and encouragement in a safe environment within the community.
The ASA supports the Child Safety Standards.

This Policy is an indication of the commitment of the ASA to the Health and Safety of all Members and every person involved in any activity organised to meet our Aims and Objectives.