How to –

  • become a Member;
  • purchase Insurance;
  • register the Services you provide
  • obtain Constitutional Freedom to Practice,

the process is as follows: –

1. You will need to determine which Class of Membership you require –

     a) Class A – For Adult individuals, having a Business Name or not.
     b) Class C – For Adults with a Government Concession Card, being either –
                          Pensioner, Health Care, Disability, Veterans, Seniors, etc
                          You will need to provide the Card Number in the process.
     c) Class G – For a Group of 2 or more Adults, and may be a –
                          Centre, Church, Group, Business, etc
                          and includes both Not For Profit and Businesses.
.                         A Group must nominate a Representative.
      d) Class O – For an Organisation with a membership base.
.                         The Organisation must nominate a Representative.
.                         The Organisation must apply in writing to the Board for Membership and details.

     As an Adult you will be entitled to a Concession rate for the whole year in which
     you are a member of the Board, a Branch or a Committee.

2. You will need a PayPal Account and is free. Visit this Link – PayPal

     a) A Personal Account for Class A and C Membership,
     b) A Business Account for Class G and O Membership,
     The Alliance does not have your PayPal Banking Details.

3. To register and confirm your ID, email confirmation is required.

4. For Privacy you will need a User Name and Password for your membership account.
     a) A Class A and C member may use a User Name and Password of choice;
     b) A Class G member must use a User Name and Password specifically for the Group which must not be the same as a User ID used by a Class A or C member in the case of the Group Representative having their own membership or a change in Representative.

5. For Membership –
     a) The Application Fee is a once only Fee; and
     b) A membership subscription can be purchased for 1 year;

6. To finalise Membership when complete simply “Close” the screen.

7. As a Member you can “Login” any time to –
     a) Monitor your Membership Status;
     b) Monitor your Payments, Receipts, etc
     c) Download your computer-generated Membership Certificate,
     d) Purchase Public and Product Liability Insurance,
e) Register each Service you provide
f)  Become entitled to Constitutional Freedom to Practice

8. As a member with the above Insurance you have the choice to  have all your Inspired Services Registered and then to be entitled to Constitutional Freedom to Practice for each registered service whether you charge a Fee or not.
The process requires that you provide the following information –
     a) A List of your Inspired Service/s that you provide;
     b) The Goods you require and provide in delivering each service;
     c) The Devices you require and use in delivering each service;
     d) Any Veterinary service/s you provide for a Fee or Free;
     e) Any supporting information / details you may have.

The information the member provides will be registered to the member for which the Board after consideration of any Safety Issues will provide by email a Certificate of Service that confirms the member is entitled to Constitutional Freedom to Practice for the period of their Insurance Certificate of Currency for each registered service.