How to –

  • Membership;
  • Insurance;
  • List of Services,
  • Certificate of Service and Freedom to Practice

1. You need to determine the Class of Membership for your circumstances .

Class A – Adult
For Adult individuals, with or without a Business or Trading Name.
    a) You may be a Sole Trader operating from Home, Retail, or Mobile, etc.
    b) You may be a member of a Group or Organisation
    c) You may be the Nominated Representative of a Group or Organisation
    d) You may be a supporter

Class C – Concession

For Adults being either –
    a) A Pensioner, Health Care, Disability, Veterans, Seniors, card holder.
    b) A Sole Trader or member of a Group or Organisation;
    c) You may be the Nominated Representative of a Group or Organisation, or
    d) You may be an Alliance Board, Branch, Committee or Team member
    e) You may be a supporter

Class G – Group

For a Group of 2 or more Adults, and may be a –
    a) Centre, Church, Group, Partnership, Business, etc. includes both NFP and Businesses.
    b) The Group must nominate a Representative to act on their behalf

Class O – Organisation

For an Organisation with a membership base.
    a) This covers the Organisation and specifically only the Management Team
    b) The Organisation must nominate a Representative to act on their behalf

2. For Privacy you will need a User Name and Password for your membership account.
    a) Class A and C member may use a User Name and Password of choice;
    b) Class G and O member must use a specific User Name and Password that represents the Group or Organisation and it cannot be the same details as their Nominated Representative who may have membership, etc. in their own right.

    a) The Application Fee to become a member is a once only Fee for the term of that membership.
    b) The annual membership subscription fee maintains that membership.
    c) Both Membership and Insurance are synchronised to the Alliance Financial Year.
    d) New membership with or without Insurance includes a ProRata Discount determined by which quarter of the Financial Year the Application is made.

As a Member you can “Login” any time to –
    a) Monitor your Membership Status;
    b) Monitor your Payment History, Receipts, etc.
    c ) Purchase Insurance from the options available,
    d) Proceed to List the Services, Activities, Modalities, etc. you provide and use
    e) Proceed to obtain a Certificate of Service and Freedom to Practice

As a member you can purchase Insurance. The Alliance has a Partnership Agreement with BMS Risk Solutions for your Insurance needs.
Refer to our Insurance pages for more information.

    a) On receipt of your Insurance Certificate of Currency (which may take a few weeks) you have the choice to have all your Inspired Activities / Services Listed. For this purpose, a Questionnaire will be sent to you.
    b) Your responses to the Questions will be registered and assessed for compliance to a number of requirements such as client, adult and child safety and if any training was required and/or completed for each service you offer/provide.
    c) Should a Risk be identified, a Risk Assessment Matrix will determine if a Safety Management Plan is required. The Alliance will assist in this process if requested.
    d) Once listed a Certificate of Service will be issued to entitle you to Freedom to Practice support from the Alliance for the listed services on your Certificate.

    a) All the information a member provides is taken in good faith and is presentable in a Court of Law as evidence that the details of Membership, Insurance and Services are offered to the community as a member of the Alliance and is entitled to Freedom of Practice for the services noted on their Certificate of Service.
    b) The Certificate of Service does not indicate any Skills, Training, Competency, Quality, Compliance or Experience.
    c) The Certificate indicates if the Provider has a Working With Children Clearance or Exemption.