How to obtain –

  • Membership;
  • Insurance;
  • List of Services,
  • Freedom to Practice

1. You will need to determine which Class of Membership you require –
Class A –
For Adult individuals, having a Business or Trading Name or not.
a) You may be a Sole Trader or member of a Group or Organisation
Class C –
For Adults with a Government Concession Card, being either –
a) Pensioner, Health Care, Disability, Veterans, Seniors, etc.
b) You will need to provide the Card Number in the process.
c) You may be a Sole Trader or member of a Group or Organisation
Class G –
For a Group of 2 or more Adults, and may be a –
a) Centre, Church, Group, Business, etc. and includes both Not For Profit and Businesses.
b) A Group must nominate a Representative to act on behalf of the Group
Class O –
For an Organisation with a membership base.
a) This covers only the Management of the Organisation
b) The Organisation must nominate a Representative to act on behalf of the Organisation

As an Adult you will be entitled to a Concession rate for the whole year in which you are a member of the Board, a Branch, a Committee or Special Purpose Team.

2. You will need a PayPal Account and is free. Visit this Link – PayPaL
a) A Personal Account for Class A and C Membership,
b) A Business Account for Class G and O Membership,
The Alliance therefore does not have your PayPal Banking Details.
Please DO NOT use the Credit/Debit Card option for Payment.

3. To register and confirm your ID, an email confirmation is required.

4. For Privacy you will need a User Name and Password for your membership account.
a) A Class A and C member may use a User Name and Password of choice;
b) A Class G and O member must use a unique User Name and Password specifically to identify the Group or Organisation and it cannot be the same as the User ID and Password of their Representative who may have membership, etc. in their own right.

a) The Application Fee is a once only Fee, to initiate membership; and
b)  A membership subscription can be purchased each year.
a) Both Membership and Insurance are synchronised to the Alliance Financial Year being July 1 to the next June 30. If your Application for Membership occurs between August and the following May, your initial period of Membership and Insurance is not a full 12 months until the first renewal for the subsequent period of a full year. Due to the initial period being less than a year for both membership and insurance a discount is applied to membership and insurance is already a very competitive rate. Renewals are due in the month of June for the following 12 month period.
b) The Renewal Date shown on your Tax Invoice / Receipt is incorrect and is a Computer Program glitch. The Alliance is preparing a now Computer Program that does not give us these headaches.

To complete the Membership process return to the Main Menu.

1. As a Member you can “Login” any time to –
a) Monitor your Membership Status;
b) Monitor your Payment History, Receipts, etc.
c) Download your computer-generated Membership Certificate,
d) Purchase Public and Product Liability Insurance,
e) Proceed with the requirements for a Certificate of Service and Freedom to Practice

2. On receipt of your Insurance Certificate of Currency provided by Aon Risk Services,
(which may take 2+ weeks) you have the choice to have all your Inspired Activities / Services Listed. Your responses to the Questionnaire will be recorded and depending on your replies you become entitled to Constitutional Freedom to Practice for each listed service noted on your Certificate, whether you charge a Fee or not.
The Questionnaire can be downloaded from your Members Area.
Further information on Freedom of Practice is available in the Main Menu.
a) The information the member provides is taken in good faith and is presentable in a Court of Law as evidence that the details of Membership, Insurance and Services are offered to the community as a member of the Alliance.
b) The Certificate of Service does not indicate any Skills, Training, Competency or Experience.
c) The Certificate indicates if the Provider has a Working With Children Clearance or Exemption.