Membership – Fees

A (free) PayPal account is required.

1. Registration – Free
2. Membership – Application – $5.00 (once only)
3. Membership – Categories are listed on the Membership Page
4. Membership –
Conditions apply for C membership

Introductory Offer : valid till June 1, 2019

1. Application Fee;
2. Subscription Fee;
3. 20% Discount on Subscriptions on initial membership

Subscription 1 year
  Concession 17
  Adult 25
  Organisation As agreed
  Next Renewal – June


  • Insurance is an option for members. For details refer to Insurance page.
  • Registration of each service provided. For details refer to the Registration page.
  • Constitutional Freedom to Practice is available for each registered service of members insured with the Alliance. For details refer to the Freedom to Practice page.
  • For further advice on any process refer to the “How to” page.