Please use a New Form or Sheet for every Modality or Activity that you offer, and is regardless of you charging for that service or providing it for Free.
The Questionnaire is – (Could your answers please follow the same sequence)

1 a     Membership Number (from your Membership Certificate)
  b     Name
2a     The name given to your Modality / Service / Activity, etc.
  b     Is this Activity a variation of what is known as Mainstream
  c     If Answer to Q2b is yes – What is the Mainstream
  d     Did you have any training in this Activity
  e     if answer to 2d is yes – who with and where (contact details)
3a     Is this Activity / Modality / Service provided to :
         (i)   Adults
         (ii)  Children (regardless of being supervised or not)
         (iii) Aged
         (iv) Disabled
         (v)  Veterinary
  b     Do you have a Working With Children Clearance or Exemption.
          If yes please attach. A National Police Check is preferred.
4a     Do you use any consumable Goods in the delivery of this Activity
  b     Do you use any Devices/Equipment in the delivery of this Activity
5       Does the delivery of this Activity have any risk to the receiver.

Note: The Alliance Policy in regards to Question 3a is that a Clearance or Exemption is required for items 3a(ii), (iii) and (iv).
The Alliance must be confident that your responses can be verified and can be used to support you should you become a person of interest in any legal, claim, complaint or liability situation and therefore your response becomes a legal document.
Please forward your responses by email with a separate sheet / attachment for each Service, to Once your Service/s have been listed a Certificate of Service will be emailed to you as a record. The Certificate of Service entitles you to Constitutional Freedom to Practice each of the listed activities.

Thank you.