Thank you for becoming a member of the Alliance, it is an honour to have you as part of the organisation.
May your membership be an enjoyable experience.

A number of requirements have been included in the management of the Alliance to ensure continuity and stability into the future. As an added feature a legal opinion has been obtained as an endorsement for the Alliance Constitution and Structure. The letter of endorsement can be found in the Website Main Menu.

As a member

1. The website is a “Work in Progress” and means that information and details may be updated or added at various times.

Your Membership ID and Password are unique to you for you to access and manage your membership status and benefits. It is important that you keep these details secure and available for use any time.
The Alliance does not have access to your PayPal Account or your Banking details.

In your Website Members Area you can view and renew membership, purchase Public Liability Insurance, maintain your personal and PayPal details, etc and then be entitled to listing for Constitutional Freedom to Practice.

You may “Download / Save” your Certificates and arrange for a glossy.A4 size print at your nearby printing facility.

2. It is recommended that you become familiar with the Alliance Constitution and Code of Conduct. These documents provide the System of Management that the Alliance will use in its various operations. It also provides an insight into how members can become directly involved.

The bases for the Alliance Constitution was the “Model Rules” provided in the NSW Association Incorporation Regulations 2017 and includes the requirements for recognition as a Charitable and Not For Profit organisation. Either Constitution may be adapted for your own use.

There are no paid positions in the Alliance. We are all unpaid Volunteers.

3. You may inform all “Clients” and “Providers” etc. of any goods and services of your membership and that you are no longer required to advertise your activities as “Entertainment”

You are entitled to –
a) Become actively involved in the management of the Alliance;
b) Seek assistance with any of your activities or services
c) Seek assistance with any of your skills and competencies;
d) Purchase Public and Product Liability Insurance Cover;
e) Be Registered with the Alliance for Constitutional Freedom to Practice

4. To purchase Public and Product Liability Insurance please access your Member Area and proceed as per the process.

The Alliance Insurance Policy is renewed with our Insurance Broker each Financial year (Starting July 1 to June 30) and proportional premiums for part of a year in your initial period are not possible under this Umbrella Cover because of the arrangement and already highly competitive rate.

NOTE:  Membership and Insurance are synchronised to the Alliance Financial Year, ie July 1 to the following June 30. This means that your initial period of Membership and Insurance may NOT be a full 12 months and therefore a Discount is offered to NEW members. All renewals are for 12 months and fall due in June for the following year.

5. To arrange your Registration for Constitutional Freedom to Practice you are required to have purchased Public Liability Insurance with the Alliance. After which you will be asked to provide a List of Activities, Modalities, Goods and Services, etc. you provide, regardless of any Fees or Qualifications you may have. This information is strictly confidential and managed under our Privacy Policy.

Should your List include any items that you indicate as being considered to have a high level of risk, it will be necessary to prepare a Safety Plan to ensure that management of that Risk has been appropriately considered.

This would be extremely beneficial should a complaint or incident arise for which you are alleged to be responsible. It also enables the Alliance to observe trends and support for planning purposes.

6. When the registration is complete you will be issued with a Certificate of Service, sent to you by email. The Certificate is valid only for the continuous period of Insurance as indicated on your Certificate of Currency provided by our Insurance Broker. The Certificate does not infer any level of Competency, Skill. Experience or Training.

Once you have your Certificate of Service you should advertise your activity and services as a member and include the Alliance Logo once the Alliance has been notified and it has been approved.

7. There are individuals, organisations, some media and government departments with vested interests that are extremely biased against any use of Natural Therapies and anything intuitive. Overseas trends tend to indicate that the International Codex Agreement and the influence of Big Pharma is spreading and it is highly probable that in time anyone providing these services may be targeted to set an example. Membership of the Alliance will make their efforts a lot more difficult if not impossible.

There are people claiming to provide intuitive services that are in no way authentic or qualified and only cause more grief, discomfort or expense to a distressed person in need. The Alliance will establish a Register of Providers that have a genuine Duty of Care and issued with a Certificate of Service. The Register will be Listed on our Website in the Main Menu.

8. The Alliance aims to work with organisations in the Fraternity to establish a system of consistency, reliability, responsibility, respect and trust for the benefit of the whole community.

9. Should you seek any information, assistance or wish to make a comment or suggestion in any related matter please use our contact page to raise the issue and you will be contacted promptly.

Your support in spreading these aims is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks