The Alliance supports and advocates the concept of Spirituality as the main principle in life and with this comes a Philosophy and Science about the realities and a Way of Life.

This belief relies on the personal awareness and development of the Body, Mind and Spirit to the point of holistic balance, maturity and well being.

All the Intuitive Modalities and Activities listed by the Alliance are in fact an important part of Spirituality and come directly under the umbrella of what the Alliance stands for.
This makes all these activities a practice of Spiritual Belief and NOT Entertainment.

The Alliance in fact re-arranges the perception of how effective the Fraternity can be.
It is HOW you do it and not just WHAT you do that makes the Difference.
The Alliance therefore can claim (Australian) Constitutional Freedom under Section 116.

It just takes a Spiritual Organisation that stands for these Beliefs to say so. The Alliance does just that for the benefit of its members and the Australian Spiritual Fraternity as a whole and does not interfere with the membership of any other organisation and in fact seeks to co-operate with them.

This will revolutionise the Australian Spiritual Fraternity. The Alliance will become the advocate for members that provide intuitive goods and services, holistic health and countless associated suppliers and businesses.

“We will not impose our way of life but we will shine for others to follow” (Trump 21/01/2017)