Spirituality means many things to many people. There is a wide range of ideas and beliefs about what it means to live a spiritual life

Spirituality is a science, a religion and a philosophy that equally satisfies your heart, your mind and your logic, by providing the answer to the age-old question ‘What happens when I die?’ Answering this question leads you towards a life of increased inner peace and wisdom, and facilitates your love and service towards others.

As Spiritual we believe firmly in the existence of God as an Infinite Intelligence which represents more of an energy than as a being, and that each of us has a part of God within us. However, how we understand the world and spiritual matters depends on our individual experience and knowledge, and we have the flexibility and freedom to change and develop our beliefs as we move through our lives. One of the greatest desires of Spirituality is to awaken the spirit within you, and to move you beyond the five senses to a higher awareness of all that is you and around you.

We consider ourselves a science, a philosophy and a religion. If you are Spiritual within the ASA, your predominant belief is the religion of Modern Spirituality. I think we can all say that religion is a man-made product, to have faith or believe in a certain way that feels right for you. We recognise this, which is why we don’t have dogmas or creeds. We want the basis of our belief to be in communication with those who have crossed over to the spirit side of life and those of us who have as yet not done so.

We are a national body bringing together those who identify as Spiritual, Spiritist and Spiritualist and working to promote an understanding of the principles of Spirituality.

We are the only body within Australia to bring together the whole Spiritual community and joining together in a common cause to share our knowledge and understanding of what it is like to live our lives in a spiritual manner with the understanding that there is an afterlife.

To join our community, as an individual or a group, you will have an understanding of the ASA Articles of Faith and be committed to living your life or running your group around these principles, as they apply to you.